Last updated 7th October, 2002

My Name is Don Knibbs. I'm from the small village of Bramshott, Hampshire in the UK. I first became interested in Genealogy following the death of my father Harold George Knibbs in 1998. I suddenly became aware that in all of my life, other than my immediate family of paternal grandparents, father, mother and sisters, I'd never ever met another Knibbs. 

I've made great progress with my Knibbs family but am now reaching the point where it is getting harder and harder to find new information. For that reason, I've decided to try my hand at tracing my maternal grandmother's side of the family - the FUTCHERs.

I hope you enjoy my web pages. The background image used on these pages is of Basingstoke in the early 1900's, showing the corner between Wote Street and Winchester Road. 

 If you have any comments about these pages or have information related to the FUTCHER line I'd be extremely pleased to hear from you at the e-mail address below. 


Don Knibbs, Bramshott, Hampshire, UK 

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