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Last updated 18th March, 2017

Found the surname of the wife, plus an additional son for James SAWKINS b.1827 in Candover, Hampshire. He married Mary Ann ROWEN.
Found a marriage for Terence A FUTCHER b.Private. He married Eunor G ROBERTS.
Found a baby son born to Matilda FUTCHER b. 1885 at Medstead, Hampshire.
Found a husband and two children for Fanny Leah FUTCHER b.1881 at Colemore, Hampshire. She married William Thomas DISNEY.
The name found for the 2nd husband of Alice Beatrice PHILPOTT. She married Francis T BENDALL in 1931.
A second wife found for Francis T BENDALL above. He married Dorothy M ROWLAND in 1947.
Found details about Ralph Roy FUTCHER b.1911 at Branksome, Dorset working at at St. Austell clay pits in 1947. 
Added a copy of the marriage certificate for Mary Maud FUTCHER and Allan Morris KING.
Added a photograph of Muriel (Ferguson) NASH b.1934 in Lewisham District, daughter-in-law of Lily May (Futcher) NASH.
Added a photograph of Dorothea (Nash) ROWELL b.1932 in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Added a photograph of Alice Ivy Priscilla NASH b.1897 in Newbury, Berskhire.

All items below are previous updates:

16/02/2016 I was sad to hear of the death of Muriel M (Ferguson) NASH, b.1934 in the Lewisham District of London. She died on 24 October, 2014 after a long stay in a nursing home.
16/02/2016 It's with much sadness I report the death of my brother-in-law, Brian George DUFFIN, the husband of my sister Janet Sandra KNIBBS. Brian passed away at home on 20 May, 2015 after a long illness.
16/02/2016 Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at the Find A Grave web site for recording the details of the following individuals or couples. The Notes on each of the following individuals' Family Page contains a link to their respective entry on
Walter James WHITE, husband of Louisa Gertrude FUTCHER b.1891 in North Warnborough, Hampshire.

Sidney William FUTCHER b.1888 at Woodmancott, Hampshire.
Donald William Henry NASH b.1921 in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
James William FUTCHER b.1871 in Romsey, Hampshire, murdered in Rhio, Dutch East Indies in 1929.
16/02/2016 Found the surname of Henrietta Olive EAVES, the wife of Sidney George FUTCHER b.1865 in Romsey, Hampshire.
16/02/2016 Found a son for Mary Maude FUTCHER b.1879 in Colemore, Hampshire, and her husband, Allan Morris KING.
16/02/2016 Found the marriage for Mary Maud FUTCHER b.1879 in Colemore, Hampshire. She married Allan Morris KING.
16/02/2016 Added a photograph of Muriel (Ferguson) NASH b.1934 in Lewisham District, daughter-in-law of Lily May (Futcher) NASH.
16/02/2016 A second wife and 6 more children found for James Philpott b.1838 in Alderholt, Dorset. He married Kate HISCOCK in 1886.
16/02/2016 Added a newspaper extract from the Singapore Free Press, detailing the murder of James William Futcher in Rhio, in 1929.
16/02/2016 Added Nicholas NASH, youngest son of Maxwell NASH b.1927 and his wife Muriel.
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