Cyril Brian Van LEENHOF c1894-1968

Cyril was born in South Africa, the son of a Dutch settler. The earliest reference I've found for him is in  July 1917 when he was listed in the Royal Flying Corps (Military Wing), as a Lieutenant.

He was one of the pioneers of the Royal Flying Corps and flew solo after just over 4 hours of training.  He was posted to a squadron  engaged in intercepting bombers by day and zeppelins by night. He later spent time over France as a scout pilot and in the Middle east in a bomber squadron. 

He became a flying instructor and commanded the South African Air Force air school at Standerton, Mpumalanga, South Africa which was opened in 1942, training pilots for WWII.

He married Marjorie Doreen Knibbs from East London, Cape Province between 1940-1945 and later went on to marry a lady named Elizabeth who we know survived him. 


Photograph courtesy of Neil Rowland-Hall

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