We have this picture of the Frame Schoolhouse, built at Unionville, Ct., in 1871-2 by Elijah Roberts, husband of Ann Knibbs who was born in Clifton, Oxfordshire, England in 1852. Given that he would have been just 23 years of age at that time, he was obviously a highly skilled carpenter. As we can see from the pictures taken in 1907 and 1913, many of the Knibbs' children attended the school. 

It was used as the Schoolhouse for many years, but after consolidation of West and Union District schools in 1922 it was sold and converted into someone's home.
We believe that Elijah was born in St Austell, Cornwall, England, and emigrated with his parents to live in Connecticut, USA where he met and married Ann KNIBBS who emigrated from Clifton, Oxfordshire, England in the mid-1850's with her parents James and Ellen Knibbs. 
Sadly Elijah died in 1893 when he fell from the roof of a building.
The smaller inset image is the same house as it appears today, in October 2005, some 133 years after it was built!.
....as it is today, October 2005
Photograph courtesy of Lee Walter

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