Henry KNIBBS 1839-1915 and his five sons 

This is a wonderful picture of Henry KNIBBS (third from the left) and his five sons who were all Narrowboat Men. From Left to right are:
Thomas Henry KNIBBS 1874-1949 - Canal Boat "Ebony"
Henry KNIBBS1882-1918 - Canal Boast "Maple"
Henry KNIBBS 1839-1915 - Canal Boats "Harriet" and Emily"
William KNIBBS 1879-1969 - Canal Boats "Cactus" and "Viceroy"
Edward KNIBBS 1876-1964 - Canal Boat "Ouse"
James Arthur KNIBBS 1885-1963 - Canal Boat "Emily"
Photo courtesy of Allen Knight

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