Photo courtesy of Allen Knight



John was born in 1912 in Nantwich,  Cheshire on a narrow boat called "Bruce". He married Florence Fanny KNIBBS from the  Aston area of Birmingham in q3/1940 in the Brentford District of Middlesex and went on to have six children, all born in the Brentford and Ealing Districts. 

This photograph was taken on 3 April, 1937, when John was 25 years old and still single. 

John was always so proud of his heritage and life-long association with the canals and waterways.  His last place of work connected with the waterways was at Isleworth docks on the Thames as a crane driver, loading and unloading the barges. 


The whole of the docks area is now redeveloped but many of the old landmarks still exist, including the London Apprentice pub (often frequented by John on his lunch breaks), plus one of the original cranes pictured here. It just so happens to be John's crane, and itís still there today as a reminder of it's history as a busy, thriving dock. 

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