Joseph William Knibbs


Joseph was the oldest of three children born to Joseph Knibbs from Deddington, Oxfordshire, and his wife Harriet. His parents spent most of their lives living in London, but he was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire in 1874 where his parents married just a few months before. 

By 1881, Joseph's family had moved to London where he met his wife, Alice. He and Alice  married in the Poplar District of London in 1900 and went on to have nine children,  all born in Poplar. 

As part of the London East End slum clearance during the early 20th century, Joseph, Alice and many of the close family members left Poplar and moved to live in Corringham in the Thurrock District of Essex. 

He's pictured here in about 1919 with Alice and their youngest daughter Florence, one of the twins.


Photo courtesy of Linda O'Keefe

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