Thomas Henry KNIBBS, 1882-1959

Thomas was born in Egham, Surrey in January, 1882. He was one of 12 children born to Thomas Knibbs and his wife Mary Ann Maria Froud. 
In 1902, Thomas became valet to a man named Graham Vivian at Clyne Castle, Blackpill, a suburban area of Swansea, Wales. Mr. Vivian's interests included collecting fine art, a pursuit  which entailed lots of traveling to the Continent, on which Thomas accompanied him..   
Graham Vivian had a brother Richard Glynn Vivian who was also an avid art collector. In 1905, he donated his  collection to the Swansea Corporation together with a sum of 6,000 to build an Art Gallery, which was completed in 1911. 
Thomas saw the opportunity and applied for the job of Caretaker at the new Gallery. He was selected from some 307 applicants.   
Thomas married Ethel Zebedee in 1911 and lived with her and their daughter, Iris, in a flat beneath the Art Gallery.

Se also, The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

Photograph courtesy of "A History of Mumbles

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