Created 16 Dec, 2017

Truman Ellsworth KNIBBS

This is a photograph of Truman from 10 March, 1946 at the Ground Breaking ceremony for the building of the new Chicago Lawn Methodist Church.
I discovered the photograph amongst a private collection for sale on ebay with little information other than the date, the event, and the names of  the Rev, Swaney, a Dr. Bloomquist, and Truman.
I learned from Truman's granddaughter that The Chicago Lawn Methodist Church burned to the ground from a kitchen fire.
Truman and his wife Mattie were active members of that church and Truman was the chairman of the committee to rebuild it. He was instrumental in raising funds and encouraging the congregation during that difficult time. 
As the smaller picture below indicates, Truman struck "the first clout of soil" in preparation for the building of a the new church?

Above left shows the Chicago Lawn Methodist Church, 3500 W 63rd Place, Chicago, IL 60629 in 2017. The tower to the right of the picture looks exactly like the tower behind Truman in the picture above. I believe the picture of Truman was probably taken at the southern end of the church, with his back to the building with the tower,

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