Created 16 Dec, 2017

Truman Ellsworth KNIBBS

This is a photograph of Truman in 1927, aged 30, taken from the 'The Index' - Memories of the Old Illinois State Normal University. 

Truman was a member of Class 27 and studied Biology and Agriculture. He was President of the Agricultural Club in '26; President of Y.M.C.A in '27; Member of the Student Council; Men's Debate Club;  Inter-Collegiate Debating; President Senior Class '27. For his extra curricular activities he was awarded a Debating Pin.

There was a comical reference to Truman in 'The Index' saying that "Truman, who will be remembered as President of the Senior Class, has a position of Janitor of the Union Station in Chicago. He writes that he is cleaning up big".

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