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  Updated 7th September, 2019

The photographs contained within the Gallery are reduced to allow for reasonably quick download time. This does reduce the quality of the image but hopefully not noticeably so when simply viewed on a screen. They are not suitable for printing, so if you would like a hardcopy of any of them, simply email me. I would check with the owners and send you a higher quality copy if they agree.

My Immediate KNIBBS Family       

My UK KNIBBS Cousins  
Our Albany, New York, USA KNIBBS Cousins
Our Connecticut, USA KNIBBS Cousins
Our Massachusetts, USA KNIBBS Cousins
Our Niagara, New York, USA KNIBBS Cousins
Our Wisconsin, USA KNIBBS Cousins
Our South African KNIBBS Cousins
Our Canadian KNIBBS Cousins
Our Australian KNIBBS Cousins
UK KNIBBS Places, Past & Present
US KNIBBS Places, Past & Present
UK KNIBBS Churches

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