KNIBBS Authors  

 Updated 5 April, 2019 

To find the family pages for these people, please go the the Index of Individuals page and find them from there.

Alexander KNIBBS Private Humour
Anthony John KNIBBS Private BSA Air Rifle Books
Carl, Luca and Meg KNIBBS Private Children's Stories
Catherine KNIBBS Private Cybertrauma
Dennis KNIBBS Private Autobiography
Eric C KNIBBS Private Amsgar, Rimbert and the Forged Foundations of Hamburg-Bremen 
Henry Herbert KNIBBS 1874-1945 Poetry and Novels
Kathryn "Kate" KNIBBS Private Journalist
Raymond Dennis & Marian J KNIBBS Private Autobiography, Reminiscenses & Trains
Steve KNIBBS Private A collection of Firefighters' ramblings
Kitty (Wykes) KRISTER Private Poetry

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