KNIBBS Family Mariners  

 Updated 14 September, 2018 

 All of the idivuals listed on this page served for some time at sea in Military vessels. The individual links take you to pages showing the ships on which they served, and the approximate dates where known. Large images of the ships can be seen by clicking on the image. Where there is no link, we have yet to find details of the ships on which the individual served. 
To find the family pages for these people, please go the the Index of Individuals page and find them from there.

Name: From:
Derek Miles BEARD 1927-2006 Ryde, Isle of Wight
Paul Joseph BYRNE 1927-2005 Lowell, Massachusetts
William George FALLOWS 1891-1930 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Harold Eugene HILL 1927-2011 Missouri Valley, Harrison, Iowa
Frank FLAY 1907-1985 Islington, London, Middlesex
Edward John HOY 1889-1970 Bootle, Liverpool, Lancashire
Alan Raymond KNIBBS 1925-2014 Lawford Heath, Warwickshire
Alfred George William KNIBBS 1902-1918 Kidlington, Oxfordshire
Alfred John KNIBBS 1881-1953 Windsor, Berkshire
Alfred Reginald KNIBBS 1881-1952 Faversham, Kent
Amos Charles KNIBBS 1883-1961 Old Windsor, Berkshire
Donald George KNIBBS Private Private
Dennis Harry KNIBBS Private Private
Frank George KNIBBS 1889-1933 Bloomsbury, London, Middlesex
George Allen KNIBBS 1898-1971 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
George Russell KNIBBS 1934-2016 Somerville, Massachusetts
Glenn Ellsworth KNIBBS 1920-2010 Vienna Township, Illinois
Gordon Charles KNIBBS 1930-2002 Ottawa, LaSalle, Illinois
Harry Charles KNIBBS 1900-1970 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
Henry George KNIBBS 1879-1916 Old Windsor, Berkshire
Leonard Reginald Knibbs 1909-1981 Edmonton, Middlesex
Peter R Knibbs 1930-2014 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Richard KNIBBS 1869-1901 Mile End, London, Middlesex
Richard Alfred KNIBBS  1868-1903 Battersea, London, England
Sydney Ernest KNIBBS 1892-1963 Old Windsor, Berkshire
Thomas Charles KNIBBS 1898-1955 Kings Cross, London, Middlesex
Thomas Evan KNIBBS 1886-1958 Bootle, Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Frederick KNIBBS 1885-1953 Old Windsor, Berkshire
Victor Charles KNIBBS 1887-1943 Windsor, Berkshire
William James KNIBBS 1873-1916 Old Windsor, Berkshire
Albert William NEELD 1895-1916 Birmingham District, Warwickshire
Ivor NICHOLLS 1935-1995 Slough, Buckinghamshire
Colin John RAPLEY 1943-2008 Clifton, Oxfordshire
Kenneth George READER 1922-2004 Lutterworth, Leicestershir
Edward Frank REICHEL 1930-2017 Gloversville, Fulton, New York
Howard E Roberts Jr. Private Wolcott, New Haven, Connecticut
Martin Henry RODGERS 1904-1969 West Hartlepool, Northumberland
Ritchie Dawson THOMAS 1931-2016 Olympia, Thurston, Washington

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