KNIBBS of Note (in Alphabetic Order)  

 Last Updated 27th August, 2018  

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Amos Charles KNIBBS 1883-1961 Cross of St. George
Arthur Edward KNIBBS 1886-1975 George Medalist
Joseph KNIBBS 1800-1874 Janitor
Arthur Reginald KNIBBS abt.1890-1964 Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)
Dennis Harry KNIBBS 1930-Present Naval General Service Medal with Yangtze Bar and Malaya Bar
Edward "Ted" Bond KNIBBS 1903-1987 Pioneer of the 60's Mersey Beat Sound
Ernest Edward KNIBBS 1892-19869 Military Medal 
Harold George KNIBBS 1913-1998 My Dad !
Henry KNIBBS 1841-1908 Schoolmaster
Henry Herbert KNIBBS 1874-1945 Author & Poet     
James KNIBBS 1827-1901 Inventor
James Robert KNIBBS 1935-1995 Navy & Marine Corps Bronze Star Medal (with Combat 'V')
John KNIBBS 1807-1901 Town Crier
Susan Elizabeth KNIBBS 1933-2006 Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)
William KNIBBS 1777-1853 Oxfordshire Yeoman
William Powers KNIBBS 1876-1906 War Hero & US Consul

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