Outline Descendant Trees  
   Updated 7th September, 2019  

Global Descendant Tree - from John NIBB, b.1572
Australia - from John KNIBBS, Private
Canada, British Columbia - from Emily KNIBBS, b.1853
Canada, Nova Scotia - from James and George KNIBBS b.1902/4
Canada, Ontario - from Jane KNIBBS, b.1755
New Zealand - from Edward Charles KNIBBS, b.1919
South Africa - from John E KNIBBS, b.1836
South Africa - from James KNIBBS, b.1827
South Africa - from Raymond C KNIBBS, b.1913
South Africa - from William KNIBBS, b.1875
USA, Albany, New York - from Joseph KNIBBS, b. 1800
USA, Connecticut - from James KNIBBS, b.1828
USA, Illinois, Chicago - from Emily KNIBBS, b.1863
USA, Maine - from James KNIBBS, b.1819
USA, Niagara, New York - from John KNIBBS, b..1785
USA, Wisconsin - from John KNIBBS, b.1826
Wales - from Robert KNIBBS, b 1852

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