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My name is Don Knibbs. I'm from the small village of Sheet, Nr. Petersfield, Hampshire in the UK. I first became interested in my Family History following the death of my dad, Harold George Knibbs, in 1998. I suddenly became aware that in all of my life, other than my immediate family of paternal grandparents, father, mother and sisters, I'd never ever met another Knibbs. 

I've managed to trace my ancestors back to John NIBB who was baptised at Hook Norton in Oxfordshire, England in 1573, but lived for most of his life in Adderbury, Oxfordshire. Little is known of the family during these earlier years, but it can be seen from the mid-1600's through to the 1870's many of them worked with leather, making saddles, harnesses and collars for horses, whilst others worked as agricultural labourers. Most of the family remained in Oxfordshire until the mid-1800's after which time it can be seen that several moved further north into the Birmingham area. Others are known to have emigrated to America and South Africa.

Several families form the UK, America and South Africa have been traced up to current times and are thus included within these web pages. I hope you find navigation around my site easy. 

i. The Descendant Trees show a complete listing from the head of that family group, through to current times. These have been split geographically as individuals were seen to emigrate overseas.
ii. The main content of the web site consists of Family Pages with links backwards and forwards to the previous or next generations. Each Family Page contains notes abut the individuals on that page. A child on one page who marries, or has children, is given his/her own Family Page. Hyperlinks on the Family Pages pages allow you to navigate back and forth through the generations. 

If you have any comments about these pages or have information related to the Knibbs line I'd be extremely pleased to hear from you at the e-mail address below or via the Guestbook.


Don Knibbs, Sheet, Hampshire, UK 

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