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Simon Knibbs, Private - Inventor





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Simon Knibbs was born in the Windsor District of Berkshire, England, the son of Eric A Knibbs and his wife Margaret

Ultrasonic Investigation Apparatus
In 1987, Simon patented an apparatus for transmitting acoustic ultrasonic pulses and for receiving ''echoes'' of the transmitted pulses, comprises a housing, an upstanding wall mounted on the housing defining the mouth of a well, and a transducer mounted in the housing so that the operative part of the transducer is located in the well. The well is substantially watertight and is provided with a jet for introducing water or other fluids to the well, or is pre-filled with fluid.

The invention relates to an ultrasonic investigation apparatus, more particularly to a skin investigation apparatus for use with an ultrasonic investigation technique. It is desirable to be able to investigate the precise structure of the skin, in order to assist in the diagnosis of various diseases, such as skin cancer, and also in order to be able to locate accurately the positions of scars and burns, since this may well assist in connection with remedial plastic surgery.




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