DFM (Deuce Funk Monsters)
Patrick J Knibbs and Mattthew J Kerr

Created 8 December, 2014

DFM was formed by childhood friends Matthew James Kerr the I and Patrick Knibbs with one goal in mind: take over the world! Evolution from their humble beginnings as a high school party band into the powerhouse it is today took years, and was highly influenced by the city of Chicago and exposure to a vast amount of amazing music. 
Keeping people moving on the dance-floor is DFM's job, and they take that responsibility very seriously. The duo uses guitars, live percussion, keyboards, computers + technology, and DJ equipment to create their vast sonic landscapes. DFM music cannot be confined within the trappings of one specific genre, their influences and surroundings have molded the group into a hybrid monster.
Behold the future of funk... 

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