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Last updated June 10th, 2002

My ideal when starting out was to produce a web site that was easy to navigate, not just through the individual pages, but through the genealogical data, knowing just where you are in the "tree" at any given time. I quickly realised that it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped!

The starting point was in finding the UncleGED software I use to convert my GEDCOM file to web format. After talking to Mike deBacker who created UncleGED software, he enhanced it so that it created several new web pages from the GEDCOM file, and I now use these, together with the index files already produced by UncleGED, as a form of indexing. 

There is, first of all, the index of Individuals or Surnames which is great if you know who you're looking for. In addition, there are other links to the Locations in which events took place, Chronological listings which help identify events that took place in certain time frames, and finally, Occupations which is often handy for connecting into the tree.  

Finally, I've included Outline Descendant Trees showing all 13 generations from John NIBB b. 1573 through to the present times. 

If you have any comments about my pages, good or bad, I'd be pleased to hear from you via the e-mail address below or via my Guestbook.

Abbreviations used:
Most of my research has been carried out against Parish Record Transcripts, so I am relatively happy that information re baptisms, marriages and burials is accurate. For births and deaths, I can of course only be certain that birth took place some time before baptism, and death took place before burial - one would hope so anyway!

Dates that appear with no prefix are considered to be accurate.

Dates for many births and deaths are prefixed with BEF. - indicating before that date.

Dates prefixed with ABT. are based on information available allowing me to guess that the event happened at about this date.

Dates prefixed with AFT. are based on evidence that exists to indicate that it must have been after this date

Don Knibbs, Bramshott, Hampshire, UK don.knibbs@btinternet.com 

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