Alexander STROUD, son of Henry Charles STROUD and Jeanne Suzzanne Marie DORMAN , was born 02 October 1904 in Radipole, Dorset, England. He married Phillys Eveline KNIBBS bet. July and September, 1928 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. He died 05 November 1976 in Weymouth, Dorset, England. Phillys Eveline KNIBBS, daughter of George Levi KNIBBS and Eveline BUTLER , was born 11 August 1904 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. She died 17 March 1990 in Weymouth, Dorset, England.

Children of Alexander STROUD and Phillys Eveline KNIBBS are:
1. Roy Henry G STROUD, b. 17 June 1929 See Roy Henry G STROUD & Edna Mary BLANDAMER
2. Joan E STROUD, b. Private See Patrick Cyril SMITH & Joan E STROUD

Marriage Notes for Alexander STROUD\Phillys Eveline KNIBBS:

Taken some time around 1944. Click image for larger version.

Notes for Alexander STROUD:

Also known as: Alec

This picture was taken on 11 July 1949 outside their house at Horsford Street, Weymouth, Dorset, England. I suspect the bicycle belonged to their future son-in-law, Pat Smith, who married their daughter Joan.

I don't know a great deal about Alec. He was known as "Frenchy" at school because his mother was French. She came from the South West of France and Alec inherited the dark Mediterranean good looks. He was never one to mince his words. If a visiting lady had perhaps put on a little weight, Alec would have to say "Daidy gal - you've got big!". Needless to say, his comments weren't always popular with the females of the family, but everyone loved him.

I remember the word "rabbit" must never be used in the house as it brought bad luck. I assume that's a Dorset superstition?

I believe Alec spent most of his working life working for the Devenish breweries at Hope Square, Weymouth, Dorset, England. I have an undated newspaper clipping that marks his retirement which I assume in those days would have been at the age of 65 years, thus in 1969. It says:
"Nine men, all with 40 or more years brewery work at Weymouth, have had their service marked by the presentation of gold watches by Mr A E Ledger-Hill, chairman of the Devenish Weymouth Brewery........ Mr A Stroud, who started in the boiler house in 1920, switched to transport for nearly 30 years and became chargehand in the cask shed with the merger."

In 1911, we see Alex living at 11 Wellington Place, Weymouth, Dorset, England:
Henry Charles Stroud Head Mar 29 1882 Labourer Torpedo Works Bere Regis Weymouth Dorset
Jeane Suzanne Marie Stroud Mar (7 years) F 28 1883 Cherbourg France Resident
Alexander Stroud Son 6 1905 School Radipole Dorset
William Charles Stroud Son 4 1907 New Street Weymouth Dorset
Amos Ernest Stroud Son 1 1910 Chapelay Weymouth Dorset

in 1901, we see Alec's grandfather, living at 14 Penny(?) Street, Melcombe Regis, Dorset:
Tom Stroud Head M 44 Gardener Dorset Bere Regis
Emily E Stroud Wife M 37
Henry C Stroud Son S 19 Railway Engine Stoker Dorset Bere Regis
Amy F M Stroud Daur S 15 Dorset Piddlehinton
Lucy M Stroud Daur S 10 Dorset Upwey
William T Stroud Son S 7 Dorset Upwey
Ethel M Stroud Daur S 4 Dorset Preston
Frederick J Stroud Son S 1 Dorset Broadway

In 1891, the family was living at Upwy, Dorset:
Tom Stroud Head M 34 Farm Labourer Dorset Bere Regis
Emily E Stroud Wife M 28 Dorset Bere Regis
Henry C Stroud Son 9 Scholar Dorset Bere Regis
Ernest G Stroud Son 7 Scholar Hooke Beaminster
Amy F Stroud Daur 5 Puddlehinton Dorset
Lucy M Stroud Daur 5 Mnth Upwey Dorset

Going back a little further to 1881, we see Tom living at Heath Warren, Bere Regis, Dorset:
Thomas Stroud Head M 24 Bere Regis Dorset Ag Lab
Emily E Stroud Wife M 18 East Lulworth, Dorset Ag Lab Wife
Jane Pitcher Visitor M 29 Bere Regis Dorset Dressmaker
Frederick J Pitcher Visitor 5 Portsmouth Scholar

Tom married Emily Esther Cobb in q1/1881 at Wareham District, Dorset.

We see Alec and Phil living in Weymouth, Dorset at the time of the 1939 Register.

Sources for Alexander STROUD:

  1. Living memory of me, Don Knibbs,

Notes for Phillys Eveline KNIBBS:

I don't know a great deal about Phillys other than she started work at an early age - she went "into service" at the newly built St Edmund's School in Grayshott, Hampshire, England. She was also in service at Park Prewitt Hospital on the outskirts of Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. Phyllis is shown above, front, left of the photo (click on image for larger version). I'm not sure if this was taken at St. Edmunds School or at Park Prewitt Hospital. St. Edmund's school was established in 1874, is still going strong and coincidentally, is just a few miles north of where I live in Hampshire. Park Prewitt Hospital was closed in the 1980's.

Phyllis told me a story once about when her family went to visit her at the school in Grayshott. She told my father Harold, who was just a small boy at the time, to behave himself and to not run around on the highly polished floor with his outside shoes on. Of course, being a small boy, he did exactly that, skidded and fell outside the headmistresses office.

She married Alec in 1928 and they moved to live at Horsford Street, Weymouth, Dorset, England behind the brewery where Alec was employed. They lived in Horsford Street all of their married lives. I remember them living at No. 18 but was told that for several years they lived in No.23, the house on the opposite side of the road. I have seen photographs of Phillys with her two children outside No.23, dated from about 1934/35.
During the war years, whilst Alec was away at war, Phillys went with her children Roy and Joan to stay with her parents George and Evelyn Knibbs in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

I have in my possession an old family Bible that I remember my father bringing home after his father, George Levi Knibbs died. On the front cover it says "Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge 1698". Inside the front cover is written Smith, Binder. Feb 1834. Whilst the words are clearly printed onto the paper, the dates look as if they were stamped separately so I am presuming this is the date when the Bible was completed ready for sale.

If you go to the following webpage, and click anywhere on the image of the bible page, it will flip over. On the reverse you will see a recording of Phillys' birth. It's written as "Georges baby born august 11 phylliss evelin"

Please view the pages from Hannah's Bible

Inside the front cover is written in very neat handwriting:
Middle Aston

Hannah woud be Hannah Markham, the Great Grandmother of Phillys.

Above Hannah's name there are some other names and dates:
James Cother
11th April 1851
Sarah his wife died
9th Feby 1850
Emma their Daughter died
6th Nov 1838

On the opposite page is written in very different writing
J Knibbs
Married Feb 15 1895

Georges baby born august 11 phylliss evelin

J Knibbs is Hannah's grandson James. George is another of her grandsons. Phylliss Eveline would have been her great-granddaughter who was born in 1904, and probably after Hannah herself had died.

Sources for Phillys Eveline KNIBBS:

  1. Living memory of me, Don Knibbs,