Sydney George KENDALL was born 25 September 1913 in Marylebone District, London, Middlesex, England. He married Winifred Amy KNIBBS 21 April 1938 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. He died 12 January 1989 in Waterlooville, Hampshire, England. Winifred Amy KNIBBS, daughter of George Levi KNIBBS and Eveline BUTLER , was born 10 February 1910 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. She died 27 April 2001 in Waterlooville, Hampshire, England.

Children of Sydney George KENDALL and Winifred Amy KNIBBS are:
1. Jacqueline Dawn KENDALL, b. Private See Terence W JANES & Jacqueline Dawn KENDALL
2. Peter KENDALL, b. 04 May 1939
3. James KENDALL, b. 04 May 1939

Marriage Notes for Sydney George KENDALL\Winifred Amy KNIBBS:

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Notes for Sydney George KENDALL:

Also known as: Sid

Sid was born in London when his father James Kendall was in the Metropolitan Police Force. His mother's maiden name was Sarah A Holder. They married at St Peters District which in those days spanned the boundaries of Londen and Middlesex. Sid and his parents moved to live at Worting, Hampshire, England when Sid was 8 years old. They lived in a beautiful old thatched cottage named "Bechers Cottage" at the centre of Worting village. In the garden was a huge old cooking apple tree and I remember as a child, my mother would send me off on my bicycle to go and see Mrs. Kendall (Sid's mother) to ask if I could gather some apples for mum to make a pie.

The cottage is still there today but the large garden where the apple tree used to be, now contains another house.

"Bechers Cottage" Worting Road, Worting, Hampshire, England

Before the outbreak of WWII, Sid worked as an apprentice Fitter & Turner at Thornycrofts in Basingstoke, Hampshire. He then served in the Royal Air Force during the war years and was nicknamed "Tiger". After the war he worked at Wadhams in Waterlooville, Hampshire as a car mechanic and then he went on to work at the REME military base at Hilsea, Hampshire.

In 1939, we see Sydney registered in the Edmonton District of Middlesex. Winifred was still living in Basingstoke, presumaby with her parents.

After his retirement, Sid and Wyn moved from North End in Portsmouth to live in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

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Notes for Winifred Amy KNIBBS:

Taken on 30 November 1940, aged 30 years. Click image for larger version.

Winifred was a Sunday School teacher at the Methodist Church in Basingstoke in her younger days. From what I understand, she was also a pretty good pianist.

She worked as a Tayloress for Burberry's in Basingstoke after leaving school. She loved needlework and continued dressmaking from her home in Portsmouth whilst her daughter Jacqueline was growing up.

Winifred was born and married in Basingstoke but moved to North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England with her husband Sid after WWII. They lived there until Sid retired from work and then moved into the countryside at Waterlooville, Hampshire, England.

She was a very independent lady and despite a lack of mobility in her legs in her later years, continued to live alone at Waterlooville after Syd died.

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Notes for Peter KENDALL:

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Notes for James KENDALL:

James and Peter Kendall were twins who sadly died shortly after birth. One died within hours of birth and the other within a few days. I remember Winifred telling me that due to their poor health at birth, she was never allowed to see the boys either before or after they died.

The birth and death records from 1939 show just the birth and death of Peter in the Portsmouth District, so I suspect it was Peter who survived for a few days.

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