James KNIBBS, son of Robert KNIBBS and Elizabeth MARKHAM , was born 31 December 1868 in Clifton, Oxfordshire, England. He married Sarah Ann CASEBROOK 15 February 1895 in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire, England. He died 18 April 1948 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. Sarah Ann CASEBROOK was born 30 October 1865 in Boddicote, Oxfordshire, England. She died 17 February 1948 in Banbury District, Oxfordshire, England.

Marriage Notes for James KNIBBS\Sarah Ann CASEBROOK:

See James' marriage recorded in his mum's Bible


Despite the above. we believe they really married on 15 January, 1895 and not the 15 February. The Northamptonshire Mercury newspaper from 25 January, 1895 showed the following from the Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths for the week ending Jan. 23:
Knibbs—Casebrook:.—Jan. 15, at Deddington, James Knibbs, Clifton, to Sarah Ann Casebrook.


From the Banbury Beacon, Saturday 26 January 1895:
Deddington, James, second son of Robert Knibbe, Clifton, to Sarah Ann, neice of J. Casebrook, of Deddingtoo.

Notes for James KNIBBS:

James appears in the 1901 census aged 32, living at New Street, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire with his wife Sarah:
James KNIBBS, 32, Shoemaker, Oxon Deddington
Sarah A KNIBBS, 35, Oxon, Banbury
Arthur W KNIBBS, 9, nephew, London Chelsea

James appears in the 1911 census living at New Street, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire:
James Knibbs Head Married M 42 Bootmaker Clifton Deddington Oxon
Sarah Ann Knibbs Wife Married 16 F 45 Banbury Oxon

We see James and Sarah, living at Hempton, Banbury, Oxfordshire, at the time of the 1939 Register.
James Knibbs 31 Dec 1868 Boot Maker Married
Sarah A Knibbs 30 Oct 1865 Unpaid Domestic Duties Married

Barbara tells me:
James and Sarah Ann lived in a simple cottage in Hempton, Oxfordshire, England, with a little workshop just yards from his home. James also had a great interest in the chapel. He died broken-hearted within a few weeks of his wife dying.
James made a will at the solicitors in Deddington, leaving all his belongings to his brothers and sisters or their children.

See Executor's Statement re James' Will and testament

Barbara also told me that James was a kind man. If he knew that someone could ill-afford to pay for his shoes to be repaired, James would mend them for free.

Barbara can remember their furniture being laid out on the grass outside their house and sold to quite a crowd of villagers. She remembers that her mother bought a milk jug which, when I spoke with Barbara in 2001, was still in her possession.

It's interesting to see from James' Last Will and testament that he left a small sum of money to three of his brother William's children (Winnie Tennant, Arthur William Knibbs, Evelyn Grenau) and two of his brother Ernest's children (Betty Watkins and Joan Newman)
He also left the same amount to a man named Bernard David Lines, but no-one knows for sure who he was. Barbara thinks that he was probably a nephew of Sarah Ann, but she wasn't really sure.

I have in my possession an old family Bible that I remember my father bringing home after his father, George Levi Knibbs died. On the front cover it says "Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge 1698". Inside the front cover is written Smith, Binder. Feb 1834. Whilst the words are clearly printed onto the paper, the dates look as if they were stamped separately so I am presuming this is the date when the Bible was completed ready for sale.

If you go to the following web page, and click onto the image of the page itself, it flips over and you will see written on the reverse, reference to James' marriage to Sarah.

Please view the pages from Hannah's Bible

Inside the front cover is written in very neat handwriting:
Hannah Markham
Middle Aston

Above Hannah's name there are some other names and dates: which I suspect are related to Hannah's side of the family:
James brother died
11th April 1851
Sarah his wife died
9th Feby 1850
Emma their Daughter died
6th Nov 1838

On the opposite page is written in very different writing
J Knibbs
Married Feb 15 1895

Georges baby born august 11 phylliss evelin

J Knibbs is Hannah's grandson James. George is another of her grandsons. Phylliss Eveline would have been her great-granddaughter who was born in 1904, and probably after Hannah herself had died.

We can see James and his wife in 1911, living at Shipston on Stour:
James Knibbs Head 42 Married Bootmaker Clifton Deddington Oxon
Sarah-Ann Knibbs Wife 45 Married (16 years) Banbury Oxon

We see James and Sarah living in the Banbury District of Oxfordshire at the time of the 1939 Register.

Knibbs James of Hempton Deddington Oxfordshire died 18 April 1948 at 192 Warwick-road Banbury Oxfordshire Probate Oxford 24 June to Alexander John Fortesque solicitor. Effects £772 11s. 6d.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of James.

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Notes for Sarah Ann CASEBROOK:

In 1871, we see Sarah with her parents and siblings in Boddicote, Oxfordshire:
James Casebrook Head Mar 42 Ag Lab Oxon Boddicott
Jane Casebrook Wife Mar 39 Oxon Boddicott
William Casebrook Son 11 Scholar Oxon Boddicott
Clara Casebrook Daur 9 Scholar Oxon Boddicott
Sarah Ann Casebrook Daur 6 Scholar Oxon Boddicott
Henry Casebrook Son 3 Scholar Oxon Boddicott
Emily Casebrook Daur 5 Months Oxon Boddicott

Sarah Ann can be seen before she married James, living at New Street Co-op Stores, Deddington, Oxford, England with her parents and grandmother in 1881:
Joseph Casebrook Head Mar 30 Grocer (Co-operative Stores) Boddicote OxfordStores)
Sarah Casebrook Wife Mar 26 Oxhill Warwick
Sarah A Casebrook Niece UnM 15 Scholar Banbury Oxford
Mary A Summerton Mother In Law Wid 65 Watchmakers Wife Wroxton Oxford

I'm not aware of the situation with regard to Sarah living with an aunt and uncle, but can see that her parents were still living in Boddicote in 1881 with their other children William, Henry, Emily, and new addition to their family, Agnes May.

In 1891, she could be seen living with the same uncle and aunt at New Street, Deddington, Oxfordshire:
Joseph Casebrook Head Mar Grocers Manager Oxon Boddicote
Sarah Casebrook Wife Mar 37Warwick Oxhill
Sarah A Casebrook Niece UnM 25 Domestic Servant Oxon Banbury

Sarah's parents were still living in Bodicote at the time.

Sarah married James Knibbs in 1895.

Knibbs Sarah Ann of Hempton Deddington Oxfordfshire (wife of James Knibbs) died 17 February 1948 Probate Oxford 10 April to the said James Knibbs retired bootmaker. Effects £382 4s. 6d.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Sarah.

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