Henry Charles STROUD was born bet. January and March, 1882 in Bere Regis, Dorset, England. He married Jeanne Suzzanne Marie DORMAN bet. April and June, 1904 in Weymouth District, Dorset, England. He died bet. April and June, 1923 in Weymouth District, Dorset, England. Jeanne Suzzanne Marie DORMAN was born abt. 1883 in Cherbourg, Manche, France. She died bet. July and September, 1960 in Weymouth District, Dorset, England.

Children of Henry Charles STROUD and Jeanne Suzzanne Marie DORMAN are:
1. Alexander STROUD, b. 02 October 1904 See Alexander STROUD & Phillys Eveline KNIBBS
2. William Charles STROUD, b. abt. 1907
3. Amos Ernest STROUD, b. 05 April 1910
4. Leon David STROUD, b. 21 October 1912
5. Thomas G STROUD, b. bet. October and December, 1915
6. Yvonne M E STROUD, b. bet. January and March, 1921

Marriage Notes for Henry Charles STROUD\Jeanne Suzzanne Marie DORMAN:

I believe that Jeanne registered her marriage under the name of Mary Dorman.

Notes for Henry Charles STROUD:

It is quite probably Henry's parents who can be seen at Bere Regis in 1881 living at Heath Warren, Bere Regis, Dorset:
Thomas STROUD Head M Male 24 Bere Regis, Dorset, England Ag Lab
Emily E. STROUD Wife M Female 18 East Lulworth, Dorset, England Ag Lab Wife
Jane PITCHER Visitor M Female 29 Bere Regis, Dorset, England Dressmaker
Fredrick J. PITCHER Visitor Male 5 Portsmouth Scholar

Henry can be seen in the 1901 census living with his parents and siblings at Bere Regis, Dorset.
Tom Stroud 44 Dorset Bere Regis Gardener
Emily Stroud 37 Dorset Bere Regis
Henry Stroud 19 Dorset Berec Regis Railway Engine Stoker
Lucy Stroud 10 Dorset Upwey 
William Stroud 7 Dorset Upwey 
Ethel Stroud 4 Dorset Preston
Frederick Stroud 1 Dorset Broadwey

I understand from Roy Stroud, the great-grandson of Tom and Emily, that Emily died in 1958 aged 94 years. Tom apparently died in his 40's. It's only in recent years that Roy has realised that his great-grandmother was living when he married in 1953, and also when his older daughter Deborah was born in 1956.

In 1911, Henry was living at 11 Wellington Place, Weymouth, Dorset:
Henry Charles Stroud Head 29 Married Labourer Torpedo Works Bere Regis Dorset
Jeanne Suzanne Marie Stroud Wife 27 Married (7 years) Cherbourg France
Alexander Stroud Son 6 School Radipole Weymouth Dorset
William Charles Stroud Son 4 New Street Weymouth Dorset
Amos Ernest Stroud Son 1 Chapelay Weymouth Dorset

By 1911, they'd had 3 children, all of whom survived.

Henry died aged just 41.

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Notes for Jeanne Suzzanne Marie DORMAN:

Little is known of Jeanne Dorman. I am told by her grandson, Roy Stroud, that she was French and he was told that she left home and came to England to live. Her home is believed to have been at Deauville in France, and her brother is believed to have been a Jockey there.

However, Jeanne is visible in the 1901 census, aged 18 and living at Yarlington, Somerset, working as a General Servant. It appears from the census that she was born in Cherbourg, France:
Jeanne Dorman 18 Cherbourg France Somerset Yarlington General Servant

I suspect this photo was taken in about 1925/6. The back row, left to right, is Harold George Knibbs, Winifred Amy Knibbs and their mother Evelyn Knibbs. Jeanne Dorman is the lady in the middle of the front row. In 2004, the photograph was shown to Tom Stroud (then aged 89, one of Jeanne's sons), and he confirmed that the lady at the right of the front row was his grand-mother, Jeanne's mother-in-law, Emily Stroud. She would have been aged about 62 years when the photograph was taken. Tom tells us that the younger lady to the left of the front row is one of Emly Stroud's daughters. I have it that there were two daughters, Lucy and Ethel. Lucy would have been 34 years old and Ethel 25 when the photo was taken so I suspect it was Ethel.

We are not quite sure what occasion would have brought the Knibbs and Stroud families together at this time. Evelyn Knibbs' daughter Phillys married Jeanne Stroud's (nee Dorman) son Alexander in September 1928 at Basingstoke, Hampshire, and the couple settled in Weymouth, Dorset, England. Harold at the back row was born November 1913. He is in school uniform so clearly the photo was taken pre-1928 and therefore before the marriage.

As the gathering clearly took place before Alexander and Phillys were married, I can only assume it was to introduce the Knibbs and Stroud families when the couple announced their engagement.

Jeanne's death was registered under the name Jane S M Stroud.

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Notes for William Charles STROUD:

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Notes for Amos Ernest STROUD:

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Notes for Leon David STROUD:

I believe Leon married a girl name Gladys A Simmonds during q2/1939 in the Dorchester District of Dorset. They had a daughter Hazel G Stroud during q2/1941.
Hazel went on to marry a man named Brian G Luxford during q4/1960 in the Southampton District of Hampshire.

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Notes for Thomas G STROUD:

I know from Roy Stroud that in September 2004, Tom visited him at Poole on his way to Bournemouth where he was being taken for a treat to mark his 89th birthday.

I next met Tom at Roy Stroud's funeral on 9th May 2006, in his 91st year. He still looked fit and well and I was told by his neice Joan that even up to last summer, he was still swimming every day in the sea.

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Notes for Yvonne M E STROUD:

Also known as: Bubbles

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