Bernard Robert KNIBBS, son of Henry KNIBBS and Harriet BENNETT , was born 10 August 1892 in Banstead, Surrey, England. He married Norah Mary Hatten MILLS 30 July 1925 in Lee, Kent, England. He died 12 June 1984 in Banstead, Surrey, England. Norah Mary Hatten MILLS was born September 1897 in Lee, Kent, England. She died 03 September 1945 in Surrey Mid. East District, Surrey, England.

Children of Bernard Robert KNIBBS and Norah Mary Hatten MILLS are:
1. Robert Seymour KNIBBS, b. 17 October 1926
2. Gillian Harriet Mary KNIBBS, b. Private See Michael J REYNOLDS & Gillian Harriet Mary KNIBBS
3. Susan Elizabeth KNIBBS, b. 10 April 1933 See Terence Christopher STANCLIFFE & Susan Elizabeth KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for Bernard Robert KNIBBS\Norah Mary Hatten MILLS:

They were married at St. Peter's Church, Lee, S.E. which I suspect is a suburb of London?

From The Times, Saturday, Aug 01, 1925:

KNIBBS : MILLS - On the 30th July, at St. Peter's
Church, Lee, S.E., BERNARD ROBERT, son of the late Mr.
HENRY KNIBBS, of Banstead, and Mrs. Knibbs, to NORAH
MARY HATTEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ARTHUR
MILLS, of 14, Cambridge-road, Lee, S.E.

Notes for Bernard Robert KNIBBS:

Also known as: Bunny

We know from a book held in the All Saints Church at Banstead, that George served in the Great War and was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Garrison Artillery, serving in Egypt, Gallipoli and France. It also tells us that he was wounded.

Before becoming a 2nd Lieutenent in the RGA, he served in the Surrey Yeomanry and the General Service Lancers as a Lance Corporal. His medal record shows that he took part in "Theatre of War 3" from 3 April 1915 which I believe was Egypt and quite possibly Mesopotamia (Iraq), Gallipoli and Palestine.

Bernard, probably taken in his early 50's (click to enlarge).

Bernard with the Banstead cricket team, c.1935. Bernard is at the back, left hand side, but sadly, we don't know the names of the others.

From The Tatler, 12 August 1953:
This edition of The Tatler gave a history of the Banstead cricket club which it said was founded in 1892. It went on to say:
This year's president is Stanley Baker, well known in Fleet Street circles, and B. R. Knibbs celebrates twenty-five years as honorary secretary this season.

Bernard with the Banstead cricket team, c.1953. Bernard is at the back, centre.

Bernard appears in the Who's Who in Sport - 1935:
KNIBBS, B. R. b: Banstead 1892. s: Cricket, Rugby Football. c: HOn Sec Banstead Cricket Club. Streatham Rugby F.C. d: Played football for Surrey. a: Soiuth Lea, Banstead, Surrey.

b: = born
s: = Specialised in
c: = Club(s)
d: = ?
a: = Address

We see Bernard, living at Hotel Metropole, Bournemouth, Hampshire, at the time of the 1939 Register.

From The Tatler, Wednesday 12 August 1953:
B. R. Knibbs celebrates twenty-five years as honorary secretary this season at Banstead Cricket Club.

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Notes for Norah Mary Hatten MILLS:

Daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Mills of 14 Cambridge Road, Lee, S.E. who are buried in Banstead churchyard, adjacent to the Knibbs family graves.

From the 1901 we see that Norah was living at 24 Cambridge Road, Lewisham, London, Middlesex:
Arthur Mills Head Mar 43 Civil Service Clerk Kent Woolwich
Elizabeth D Mills Wife Mar 38 Suffolk Walsham & Willows
Kathleen G H Mills Daur 8 Kent Lee
Seymour H H Mills Son 7 Kent Lee
Norah M H Mills Daur 3 Kent Lee
Doreen E H Mills 1 Kent Lee
Edith M Blake Servant UnM 23 Nurse Domestic Suffolk Walsham & Willows
Bessie Elsey Servant UnM 19 General Servant Domestic Suffolk Mattisfield

In 1911, we see Norah living with her parents at 14 Cambridge Road, Lee, Kent.
Arthur Mills Head 53 Mar (21 Years) Civil Servant Examiner Bankruptcy Dept. Kent Woolwich
Emma Mills Sister 51 UnM Sick Nurse Hampshire Portsmouth
Kathleen Mills Daur 18 UnM School Kent Lee
Seymour Mills Son UnM 17 School Kent Lee
Norah Mills Daur 13 School Kent Lee
Doreen Mills Daur 11 School Kent Lee
Elizabeth Rozier Servant 19 UnM General Servant (Domestic) Suffolk Walsham-le-Willows

Norah married Barnard Knibbs in 1925.

We see Norah, living at Sunnyholme Court Road, Banstead, Surrey, at the time of the 1939 Register.
Living with her were her mother, Edlizabeth D Mills, an Emma H Mills of a similar age to that of her mother, so presumably and aunt, and Elizabeth Archibald, a Domestic Servant.

Knibbs Norah Mary Hatten of Soth Lea Court-road Banstead Surrey (wife of Bernard Robert Knibbs) died 3 September 1945 Administration Llandudno 19 January to the said Bernard Robert Knibbs company Clerk. Effects £275 9s. 4d.

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Notes for Robert Seymour KNIBBS:

Also known as: Robin

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