James KNIBBS, son of James KNIBBS and Mary Ann WILLS , was born 10 August 1828 in Clifton, Oxfordshire, England. He married Ellen COLLIN bet. April and June, 1850 in Brackley District, Northamptonshire, England. He died 26 June 1914 in Connecticut, USA. Ellen COLLIN was born 16 May 1831 in Westbury, Buckinghamshire, England. She died 09 March 1885 in Connecticut, USA.

Children of James KNIBBS and Ellen COLLIN are:
1. Ann KNIBBS, b. 06 May 1852 See Elijah ROBERTS & Ann KNIBBS OR Orville Albert ROOT & Ann KNIBBS
2. William Henry KNIBBS, b. abt. 1859 See William Henry KNIBBS & Laura L BENSTEAD
3. Benjamin Ralph KNIBBS, b. 11 April 1860 See Benjamin Ralph KNIBBS & Emma P ADAMS
4. James KNIBBS, b. 29 November 1863 See James KNIBBS & Georgiana CUMMING
5. Ellen Mabel KNIBBS, b. 11 February 1866
6. Joseph Wesley KNIBBS, b. 25 March 1869 See Joseph Wesley KNIBBS & Mary Frances WETHERBY
7. John Edward KNIBBS, b. abt. 1873 See John Edward KNIBBS & Florence E ROOT OR John Edward KNIBBS & Margaret WICKS
8. Elizabeth KNIBBS, b. 15 February 1855 See Delmore WETHERBY & Elizabeth KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for James KNIBBS\Ellen COLLIN:

Other Marriages/Unions for James KNIBBS:
See James KNIBBS & Julia Ann MORETON

Notes for James KNIBBS:

Also known as: James D

James can be seen in 1851 living with his wife at her parent's house at Westbury, Buckinghamshire, England:
Robert Collin Head Mar 61 Stone Mason Bucks Westbury
Ann Collin Wife Mar 55 Lace Maker Bucks Westbury
John Collin Son UnM 30 Ag Lab Bucks Westbury
James Collin Son 15 UnM Ag Lab Bucks Westbury
Joseph Collin Son 13 Ag Lab Bucks Westbury
Benjamin Collin Son 8 Scholar Bucks Westbury
Henry Collin Son Mar 25 Ag Lab Bucks Westbury
Ann Collin Sons Wife Mar 23 Lace Maker Oxon Finmere
James Knibbs Son in Law Mar 22 Railway Labourer Oxon Deddington
Ellen Knibbs Wife Mar 19 Lace Maker Bucks Westbury

The exact date of when they emigrated to the US isn't clear. The earliest we can seem James and his family living in the US is on 9 July 1860 when they were living in a rural area of Farmington Township, Hartford County, Connecticut. However, the 1900 census record against James daughter Anne, suggests that they arrived in the US in 1855.

The following is extracted from the 1860 census:
James Nibbs, age 33, male, occ. laborer, owns personal property worth $50, born in England.
Mary, age 32, female
Ann, 8, female
Eliza, 4, female
William, 3, male
Burritt, 2/12, male

The official census day in 1860 was 1 June. Burritt is later called Benjamin. I am not sure where the name Mary came from. His wife was Ellen - almost certainly a mistake made by the enumerator. James' personal estate was valued at $50

James is listed in the Unionville part of the Farmington CT census for 1870:
KNIBBS JAMES, 42, Plaster Mason, England
KNIBBS Helen, 39, Keeping House, England
KNIBBS Ann, 18, England
KNIBBS Eliza, 15, England
KNIBBS Wm H., 13, Conn
KNIBBS Benj, 10, Conn
KNIBBS James, 6, Conn
KNIBBS Helen, 4, Conn
KNIBBS Joseph W., 1, Conn
value of real estate $1800.00, value personal $100.00

James appears in the 1880 census for the United States, living at Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut. The entire family are listed as KRIBBS instead of KNIBBS:
James KRIBBS50
William H23
Benjamin 20
Joseph W11
John E 7

We can see also James arriving in New York on 16 Feb 1894 aged 66, with his son Wesley aged 25. They had sailed from Liverpool via Queenstown. They were on the vessel The Majestic. No-one else seemed to be with them.

The Farmington Valley Herald And Journal, March 3rd , 1894 reported:
Mr. and Mrs. James Knibbs and his son Wesley returned last week from their visit to Kr. Knibbsold home in England.

James seems to have picked up the middle initial of "D" in America.

I am extremely lucky to have the above photograph. It was purchased in a job lot of 4,000 picture postcards at auction by a man in America. He contacted me and asked if I would like to buy it from him.
It was taken on 8th May 1908 and shows James KNIBBS aged 78 years. With him are his daughter, Mrs Root aged 56, her daughter Mrs John Habershon aged 34, her daughter Mrs Archie Young aged 17, and her son Archie Arthur Young aged 6 months.
I believe Mrs Root is his daughter Ann Knibbs having remarried after her first husband died in 1898. Mrs John Habershon is the right age to be Ann's daughter Minnie from Ann's first marriage to Elija Roberts.
(Click on the photo to enlarge).

From the Farmington Valley Herald, January 30th , 1941:
Unionville Notes from 1884.
Mr. and Mrs. James Knibbs and son Wesley have retirned from there visit to the old country.


James can be seen on the 1900 census, born August 1826 in England, nationalized in 1857, and married for 7 years.
His wife Julia is also listed, born September 1830 in England. Julia is listed as having had 5 children, all of them alive at the time of the census.
James Knibbs Head 73 England Farmer
Julia Knibbs Wife 69 England

We can see that in 1910, James was living with his son and daughter-in-law Benjamin and Emma at Farmington, Ct.

From the Hartford Courant, Jun 27, 1914:
(Special to The Courant.) 1914
Unionville, June 26.
In the death of James Knibbs, whose funeral was this afternoon, Unionville loses a man who during his fifty-five years residence in the village endeared himself by his geniality and unfailing friendliness. Born in Clifton, Deddingtonshire, England, in 1829, at the age or twenty-one he married Miss Ellen Collins of his native city, who was then in her nineteenth year. Emigrating to this countrye in 1858 they settled in Unionville and the family home remained here ever since. Mr. Knibbs was a builder and mason until very recent years when his advanced age caused him to retire from active work and he busied himself about his farm in the West District. He delighted in remembering the hardships with which workmen were formerly confronted and comparing present conditions with the past: In olden times he was employed in West Hartford and masons at that time had to work ten hours for a day's pay He walked the eleven miles to and from work each day and never thought of losing any time from his labors His wife died in 1885 and Mr. Kntbbs leaves seven children and descendants to the fifth generation. The children are William H. and James of Waterbury, Mrs. 0. A. Root of Southington, a daughter, Mrs. Delmore Weatherby, and three sons, B. R., J. W., and J. E. of Unionville. A. picture which he prized highly showed him with the five generations of his family: They are Mr. Knibbs:, Mrs. 0. A. Root, his eldest daughter; his granddaughter; Mrs. John Haberhon of South Meriden, Mrs. Irene' Young of South Meriden, a great-granddaughter, and Mrs. Young's children. Mr. Knibbs was in his eighty- sixth year.


James was buried at the Greenwood Cemetery, Avon, Hartford County, Connecticut.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of James.

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Notes for Ellen COLLIN:

I believe it is Ellen's family we see living at Mill Lane, Westbury, Buckinghamshire in 1841:
Robert Collin 50 Mason
Ann Collin 45
Elizabeth May 25 Lace Maker
John Collin 20 Ag Lab
Henry Collin 15 Ag Lab
Ellen Collin 10
James Collin 6
Joseph Collin 4

Ellen is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Avon, Hartford County, Connecticut.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Ellen.

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Notes for Ellen Mabel KNIBBS:

Ellen is listed in the 1880 census as Hellen.

She was buried at the Greenwood Cemetery, Avon, Hartford County, Connecticut and the sighting of her headstone by Lee Walter confirms that she died at the young age of just 16 years.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Ellen.

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