James KNIBBS, son of Richard KNIBBS and Sarah BIGNELL , was born bef. 22 April 1764 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Elizabeth PANTING 18 December 1796 in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. He died bet. April and June, 1843 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. Elizabeth PANTING was born abt. 1784. She died bet. April and June, 1839 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England.

Children of James KNIBBS and Elizabeth PANTING are:
1. Mary KNIBBS, b. bef. 25 January 1799
2. James KNIBBS, b. bef. 03 August 1800 See James KNIBBS & Elizabeth ROAKE
3. William KNIBBS, b. bef. 01 December 1804
4. Joseph KNIBBS, b. December 1812 See Joseph KNIBBS & Mary Ann LILLY
5. John KNIBBS, b. December 1812 See John KNIBBS & Mary ROAKE
6. Sarah KNIBBS, b. abt. 1810
7. Richard KNIBBS, b. abt. 1806 See Richard KNIBBS & Catherine GOLDSMITH

Marriage Notes for James KNIBBS\Elizabeth PANTING:

There is a possibility that Elizabeth could be Elizabeth Panting. If that is the case, James married Elizabeth Panting at Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England on Dec 18 1796. the witnesses were Charles Stroud and John Allen.
James' cousin Elizabeth Knibbs from Enstone, Oxfordshire married a John Allen. It could however be coincidence that a John Allen witnessed at the wedding. John Allen witnessed the two previous NIBB and KNIBB marriages at Kidlington, so he may well have been co-opted.

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Notes for James KNIBBS:

We know from the article below, that this James crossed from Deddington into Windsor.

Numerous Poor Laws were passed during the period up to 1834, gradually building up a system in which the poor would be supported by the ratepayers of the parish in which they were “settled” – either their place of birth, or the last parish where they had last been in regular work. Women who married took on their husband’s place of settlement.
Naturally, communities were wary of admitting newcomers who might become a burden on them, unless they knew for certain which parish was responsible for their upkeep, and so parish authorities began to collect written evidence – Certificates of Settlement – on anyone trying to move into the neighbourhood. By providing a measure of reassurance, these papers allowed people far greater freedom of movement than they might otherwise have had to go looking for work.
Thousands of settlement certificates have survived, giving social and family historians a vivid insight into the lives of ordinary folk who were mostly buried in unmarked graves and left no other record beyond a baptism in one place and perhaps a marriage somewhere else. Preservation of these documents is patchy, however – some parishes kept piles of certificates, others just threw them out once they were no longer needed. Adderbury and Witney kept dozens, Steeple Aston just one – now stored at the Oxfordshire Record Office. It records the examination by two Justices of the Peace in Windsor, Berks., of one James Knibbs, born in Deddington, who named Steeple Aston as his place of settlement (he had also worked at Blenheim, but this was not considered to be part of any parish). This is a slightly edited version:

“The Examination of James Knibbs now residing in the Parish of Old Windsor, Labourer, taken on Oath before us two of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace February 1813 touching the Place of his last Legal Settlement
…who saith that he was born in the Parish of Deddington in the County of Oxford where his Father then resided and was legally settled as he has heard and believes, that at his age of Fifteen Years or thereabouts he was hired for a Year by John Pain of the Parish of Steeple Aston in the said County of Oxford at the Yearly Wages of Forty Shillings together with his Board and Lodging, that he continued in that Service Two Years, received his Wages, and Boarded and Lodged in his Master’s House in Steeple Aston the whole of that Period;
…that he was afterwards hired for a Year by Smallbones of Blenheim Park, Park Keeper to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, who agreed to give this Examinant three pounds a Year for Wages and his Board and Lodging, that he served Smallbones under that living two Years at the like Wages, boarded and lodged in his Master’s House and received his Wages, that the said Smallbones took him under a fresh hiring for another Year at three pounds ten shillings for the Year’s Wages and his Board and Lodging, that he served the said (third) Year received the last mentioned Wages and boarded and lodged in his Master’s House in Blenheim Park during that
time. (He further saith that he believes the whole of Blenheim Park to be Extra Parochial), subsequent to which this Examinant has done no Act whereby to gain a Settlement elsewhere,
…that about Seventeen Years ago he was married to his present Wife Elizabeth at the Parish Church of Kidlington in the said County of Oxford by whom he hath six Children, five of whom are now living with him, namely James aged about thirteen Years, Richard aged Five Years, Sarah aged nearly three Years and Joseph and John (twin Children) aged nearly seven Weeks”.

Sources for James KNIBBS:

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Notes for Elizabeth PANTING:

  • Birth: abt. 1784.
  • Death: bet. April and June, 1839 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England.

It's quite possibly this Elizabeth who died in Windsor District in q2/1839.

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Notes for Mary KNIBBS:

  • Birth: bef. 25 January 1799.
  • Death: UNKNOWN.
  • Baptism: 25 January 1799  Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England 

Sources for Mary KNIBBS:

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Notes for William KNIBBS:

  • Birth: bef. 01 December 1804.
  • Death: December 1804.
  • Baptism: 01 December 1804  Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England 
  • Burial: December 1804  Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England 

The Parish Register for Woodstock shows that William was baptised privately indicating that he was in very poor health.

Sources for William KNIBBS:

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Notes for Sarah KNIBBS:

Also known as: Sally
  • Birth: abt. 1810.
  • Death: UNKNOWN.
  • Baptism: 15 March 1810  Old Windsor District, Berkshire, England 

Sources for Sarah KNIBBS:

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