Thomas KNIBBS, son of John KNIBBS and Elizabeth HOLLIER , was born bef. 01 December 1787 in Deddington, Oxfordshire, England. He married Harriet PRATLEY 20 January 1823 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. He died bef. 13 December 1864 in Yardley, Worcestershire, England. Harriet PRATLEY was born abt. 1791. She died bef. 01 July 1831.

Children of Thomas KNIBBS and Harriet PRATLEY are:
1. Maria KNIBBS, b. bef. 15 December 1824 See Thomas WESTWOOD & Maria KNIBBS
2. Richard KNIBBS, b. bef. 04 July 1823
3. Robert KNIBBS, b. bef. 17 May 1827
4. Harriett KNIBBS, b. bef. 18 July 1828 See Joseph WILCOX & Harriett KNIBBS
5. Frances KNIBBS, b. bef. 19 December 1830 See Samuel GRIFFITHS & Frances KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for Thomas KNIBBS\Harriet PRATLEY:

Witnesses to the marriage were Joseph Hannis, Lucy Hannis and B Bennett

Other Marriages/Unions for Thomas KNIBBS:
See Thomas KNIBBS & Maria LORD

Notes for Thomas KNIBBS:

It's quite probably this Thomas Knibbs who was a witness at the marriage on 10 October 1809 between John Mason of Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire, England and Dinah Stevens from Deddington.

The following information was provided by Alf Fantham, and has as yet not been confirmed by me personally. Alf obtained the information from the 1841 and 1851 census for Yardley, Worcestershire, and the Yardley Workhouse records.

The Yardley Workhouse records are as follows:

23/4/1830 admitted; 30/4/1830 discharged
Thomas aged 44
Harriett aged 33
William aged 10
Thomas aged 9
Richard aged 6
Robert aged 3
Maria aged 5
Harriett aged 2

NOTE: the above has also been confirmed by Hilda Elliott, Thomas' great-great-granddaughter. She told me that her grandfather William Knibbs (above) moved from Oxfordshire to Birmingham in 1830 at about 10 years of age with his dad, stepmother and siblings. They lived in the workhouse for a few days.

We know that Thomas' wife Harriet died in 1831 leaving him with 5 children aged between 6 months and 8 years, so we can only imagine how hard life became for him. It can't have helped that he was living quite along way from his family in Oxfordshire so with no family help available, it's understandable that the workhouse was at times the only solution available to help him survive.

The workhouse archives also show the following entries:
2/9/1831 admitted - Robert aged 5, Maria aged 7, Harriett aged 3½.
18/4/1834 discharged - Maria
25/7/1834 admitted - Maria aged 10
23/8/1834 discharged - Maria
16/5/1835 discharged - Harriett

We see Thomas in 1841 living at Yardley, Worcestershire:
Thomas Knibbs 51 Gardener
Harriett Knibbs 10
Robert Knibbs 12
Fanny Knibbs 8

The 1851 census for Warwickshire shows Thomas, age 63 living at Poor Lane, Yardley, Worcestershire with his two younger daughters Harriet and Fanny.
Thomas Knibbs Head Mar 63 Gardener Oxford Deddington
Harriett Knibbs Daur 22 Worcester Yardley
Fanny Knibbs Daur 20 Servant Worcester Yardley

Thomas can be seen at the 1861 census living at Yardley Village. Worcestershire:
Thomas KNIBBS Head Wid Gardener (Dom) Oxfordshire Deddington
Fanny Griffiths Grand--Daur 6 Warwickshire Birminham

Fanny was Fanny Maria Griffiths, a daughter of his own daughter Fanny who was actually staying as a visitor a couple of doors up from Thomas at the time of the census.

Thomas died aged 77 years.

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Notes for Harriet PRATLEY:

Harriet was buried at Yardley on 1 July 1831, aged 40. Buried by the parish.

Sources for Harriet PRATLEY:

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Notes for Richard KNIBBS:

Sources for Richard KNIBBS:

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Notes for Robert KNIBBS:

I am told by Hilda Knibbs that Robert died in the workhouse aged 16 years.

Sources for Robert KNIBBS:

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