Herbert Forsythe MCLAUGHLIN was born 20 October 1878 in Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada. He married Olive Avery KNIBBS 06 June 1908 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. He died UNKNOWN. Olive Avery KNIBBS, daughter of George KNIBBS and Sarah Augusta WOODRUFF , was born 10 January 1883 in Welland, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. She died 28 October 1971 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Children of Herbert Forsythe MCLAUGHLIN and Olive Avery KNIBBS are:
1. Margaret Avery MCLAUGHLIN, b. 01 May 1909

Marriage Notes for Herbert Forsythe MCLAUGHLIN\Olive Avery KNIBBS:

From the Buffalo Courier, Wednesday 10th June, 1908.
Mrs. Sarah T. Knibbs has issued cards announcing the marriage of her daughter Olive to Mr. Herbert Forsyth McLaughlin of Saturday, June sixth, one thousand nine hundred and eight at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


From The Attica News, Thursday June 11, 1908.
The marriage of Herbert F. McLaughlin and Miss Olive Avery Knibbs of Los Angeles, Cal., was quietly solemnized Saturday morning at Christ Church, Niagara Falls, Ont., in the presence of the two families. After a wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin will spend the summer in Attica.


See Herbert and Olive's Marriage Licence


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See Lewis Everett FULLER & Olive Avery KNIBBS

Notes for Herbert Forsythe MCLAUGHLIN:

Herbert was the son of Charles Herbert Mclaughlin, and Maggie Forsyth.

From the Buffalo Courier, July 17, 1902:
Large Crowd at Tennis Tournament
The two most exciting matches played yesterday were the two double matches. Porter and McLaughlin defeating the Skald brothers in a very close three-set match, and Mitchel and Otto defeating. Brinker and Lewis. Lewis, who is well known in tennis circles in this vicinity. has recently moved to Geneva. N. Y., and is now the undisputed champion of that city, while Herbert F.. McLaughlin, the ex-Canadian Champion. has now become a resident of the Queen City and is a welcome addition to Buffalo's tennis players.


From Spalding's Lawn Tennis Annual 154, 1905:
Elmira Tennis Club Tournament. — The fifteenth annual open tennis
tournament of the Elmira (N. Y.) Tennis Club opened Tuesday, August 27,
with the largest entry in the history of the club. There were twenty-fo
players in men's singles, eleven teams in men's doubles, and five teams in
mixed doubles. In the finals in men's doubles Bisell and McLaughlin of
Buffalo defeated Blampied and Wyckoff of Elmira in a pretty match; the
lobbing and defensive game of the Elmira pair being in sharp contrast to
the sharp, effective net play of the Buffalo team. Bissell and McLaughl
won, 6/4, 3/6, 6/2, 6/0., In; the finals in mixed doubles, H. W. Hamlia-
and Miss Dexter defeated E. P. Rapelyea and Miss Jennings, 6/4, 6/0..
The finals in men's singles were played off Saturday morning, Howard
Bissell of Buffalo defeating H. W. Hamlin of Canandaigua in a hard-foug
match, 6/4, 6/3, 7/5.


From Spalding's Lawn Tennis Annual 157, 1907:
Park Club, Buffalo, Labor Day Tourney.— In the Labor Day tournament at
the Park Club of Buffalo, Miss May Sutton was the central figure. In
doubles. Miss Sutton was paired with Harry D. Kirkover, the former hold
of the local championship, and opposed to them were Howard Bissell. the 1907 champion of Buffalo, and Miss Louise INIoyes of Toronto, the woman champion of Canada. Miss Sutton and Mr. Kirkover won by 6/2. After this set Herbert F. McLaughlin of Attica and Bissell played Miss Sutton and Kirkover at mixed doubles. The play was close and exciting. The former pair are the champions of Western New York in doubles, and. as was expected, put up the strongest kind of a game. They were outclassed. However, in the first set, Miss Sutton and Kirkover winning by 6/2 in rather easy fashion. The second set saw the tables turned on the champion and her partner, Bisell and McLaughlin taking this set by 6/4. Following a short intermission Miss Sutton came on with Miss Moyes, the Canadian champion. Miss Moyes played brilliantly, although at the end she seemed to tire. Miss Sutton, however, seemed not to feel the least fatigue and won the set easily by 6/0, apparently as fresh as when she started to play in the doubles.


Herbert married Olive in 1908.

From the Western New Yorker, 25 June 1908:
Herbert F. McLaughlin and his bride arrived home from their wedding tour Thursday evening. They will make their home in Attica for the summer.


From the Buffalo Courier, 6 September, 1908:
Don Carroll won front Ward in their match, winning in 5—2, 6 love. Herbert F. McLaughlin of Attica. a former title-older, put up a splendid game with Samuel Moore. hotly contested from start to finIsh. Peter A. Porter. Jr.. an old-time holder In this event, won easily from McDougal. W. C. Bryant beat Sawyer of Dunkirk handily and H. G. Jones of Dunkirk heat Pooley of Buffalo and re-peated with Peek, the latter putting up an excellent game.


From the Evening News, North Tonawanda, 21 August 1913:
A certificate of incorporation of the Niagara Ice Company with a capital stock of $85.000 was filed at the Niagara County Clerk's office yesterday, the directors being James Strickland, of New York city and Max M. Openheim, Milton H. Parker, Herbert F. McLaughlin,. James F. Murphy. Herman M. Rieger. Wm. J. Callahan, Elmer F. Mosher and Charles G. Rickert, all of Niagara Falls. The concernn will commence business with $1,000.


In 1930, we can see who is almost certainly Olive, living at Los Angeles (Districts 0251-0500), Los Angeles, California:
Charles B Thomas Head Mar 49 Jamaica
Caroline H Thomas Wife Mar 54 Connecticut
Mary J Shives Boarder Wid 76 Massachusetts
Sarah A Knibbs Boarder Wid 79 New York
Mary C Holly Boarder UnM 57 Connecticut
Herbert E Wood Boarder Mar 49 South Dakota
Olive K McLaughlin Boarder Mar 47 New York
Julia A Robbins Boarder Wid 74 Vermont
Frances E Barnestill Boarder Wid 69 England
Charlotte Baker Boarder UnM 75 Ohio
Sarah S Skull Boarder Unm 85 Pennsylvania
Alice N Smith Boarder Div 66 Connecticut
Eugenia S Clark Boarder Wid 69 Missouri
Anne M Knowles Boarder Wid 45 Germany
Helen V Stevenson Boarder Wid 76 Pennsylvania
Laura E Ball Boarder Div 83 Missouri

Sara Knibbs would be Olive's mother, but not sure where Olive's husband was at the time.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Herbert's mother, Margaret and father, Charles.

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Notes for Olive Avery KNIBBS:

I have a note that tells me that they had a second child, but haven't been able to confirm it as yet:
Charles 28 Apr 1912

From the Los Angeles Herald, January 18, 1905:
Lakeview Dramatics
"Bessie Blossom's Visit to the Country," a skit, was presented before the guests of the Lakeview hotel Saturday evening. It was written by Walter R. Gage, a nephew of Proprietor A. F. Robbins. Those who appeared in the presentation of the piece were Willie Bradshaw, Miss Margaret Loomis, Miss Margery Thompson, Houston Walsh, Gordon Roberts, Miss Charlotte Wadsworth, Henry Bollman, Clarence Bruns, Miss Margaret Erickson and Frank Williams. Among others who participated in the entertainment were Harry F. Morton, Mrs. A. A. Rail and Miss Olive A. Knibbs.


From the Los Angeles Herald, 8 December 1907:
For Miss Knibbs
Mrs. Gerald A. Rule was hostess Tuesday at one ot the pleasantest of the week's informal affairs, entertaining in her home on West Avenue Fifty-six at bridge, in compliment to Miss Olive Knibbs of Buffalo, who, with her mother, Is at the Lakeview for the winter. Miss Knibbs Is a charming girl who has made many friends during several winters passed In Southern California.
Beside the guest of honor Mrs. Rule entertained Mrs. Frank K. Rule, Mrs. Allan Widenham, Misss Doris Davidson, Miss Viola Curtiss, Miss Lillian Moore, Miss Helen Macleish.


There's a record of Olive having crossed from Canada into the US on 18 Apr 1924. Her age was given as 39 and birth place, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Her husband was identified simply as H F McLaughlin.
Her contact on arrival was a cousin named E Field.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Olive.

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Notes for Margaret Avery MCLAUGHLIN:

Margaret married a man named Donovan L Jenner on 21 Aug 1943 in Los Angeles, California. He was the son of George O Jenner and Marie Jrenl Slocum.

She married for a second time aged 63, on 13 June 1972 at Los,Angeles to a Billy Edwards.

Margaret's death record shows her father was named Mclaughlin, and her mother named Knibbs.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Margaret.

Margaret is buried at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, San Mateo County, California, USA.

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