Ralph BOWES was born bet. July and September, 1880 in Tollerton, Yorkshire, England. He married Edith WILLIAMSON bet. October and December, 1904 in Stockton District, Durham, England. He died UNKNOWN. Edith WILLIAMSON was born bet. July and September, 1879 in Norton on Tees, Durham, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Ralph BOWES and Edith WILLIAMSON are:
1. Edith Annie BOWES, b. 31 March 1905 See Benjamin Baden Powell KNIBBS & Edith Annie BOWES
2. Florence Margaret BOWES, b. bet. April and June, 1908 See William Robert KNIBBS & Florence Margaret BOWES
3. Ralph Bell BOWES, b. bet. January and March, 1910

Notes for Ralph BOWES:

We see this family in 1881 when Ralph was just a year old, living at Tollerton, Yorkshire:
John BOWES Head M Male 25 Barton, York, England Blacksmith Master Emp 1 Man
Hannah BOWES Wife M Female 25 Pickering, York, England Blacksmiths Wife
Ralf BOWES Son Male 8 M Tollerton,York, England
William BOWES Visitor U Male 21 Barton, York, England Gardener Journeyman
William TAYLOR Workman M Male 35 Wooton Underedge, Gloucester, England Blacksmith Journeyma

In 1891, Ralph was living with Raph Bell who is given to be his grandfather, at Westgate, Pickering, Yorkshire:
Ralph Bell Head UnM 46 Farmer Yorkshire Pickering
Charlotte Bell Sister UnM 56 Yorkshire Pickering
Ralph Bowes Grandson 10 Scholar Yorkshire Tollerton
George Grayson Servant 13 Farm Servant Yorkshire Pickering

We see Ralph at the 1911 census living at 2 Lodge Street, Stockton on Tees, Durham, England:
Ralph Bowes Head Married M 30 Motorman Yorks Tollerton
Edith Bowes Wife Married (7 years) F 31 Durham Norton on Tees
Edith Annie Bowes Daughter F 6 Durham Norton on Tees
Florence Margaret Bowes Daughter F 3 Durham Norton on Tees
Charlotte Bell Grandmother Single F 76 Yorks Pickering
Jane Littlefair Servant Single F 16 Servant Domestic Durham Stockton on Tees
Ralph Bell Bowes Son M 1 Durham Norton on Tees

Ralph married Edith Williamson in 1904.

Sources for Ralph BOWES:

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Notes for Edith WILLIAMSON:

In 1881, Edith was living with parents and grandparents at Waterloo Cottages, Norton, Durham:
William Brown Head Mar 47 Labourer Norton Durham
Ann Brown Wife Mar 55 Newby York
Thomas Williamson Son In Law Mar 25 Gardener (ND) Stanton York
Margaret J Williamson Daur 25 Dressmaker Stranton Durham
Edith Williamson Grand Daughter >1 Norton Durham

In 1891, she was still with them but at Waterlook Cottages, Norton, Durham:
William Brown Head Mar 57 General Labourer Durham Norton
Ann Brown Wife Mar 60 Yorkshire Newby
Margaret J Williamson Daugh Mar 34 Dressmaker Durham West Hartlepool
Thomas R Williamson Son in Law Mar 35 Market Gardener Yorkshire Stainton
Edith Williamson Grand Daur 11 Scholar Durham Norton
Florrie Williamson Grand Daur 5 Scholar Durham Norton
Annie G Williamson Grand Daur 3 Durham Norton
Thomas H Williamson Grand Son 11 months Durham Norton

In 1901, they were living at 117 Straight Street, Norton, Durham:
William Brown Head Mar 66 Cartman Builder Durham Norton
Ann Brown Wife Mar 79 Yorks Newby
Margaret Jane Williamson Daur Wid 44 Dressmaker Durham Stanton
Edith Williamson Daur UnM 21 Durham Norton
Florence Williamson Daur 16 Assistant Draper Durham Norton
Annie Gertrude Daur 13 Durham Norton
Thomas William Williamson Son 10 Durham Norton
Harold Percovale Williamson Son 7 Durham Norton

Edith married Ralph Bowes in 1904.

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Notes for Ralph Bell BOWES:

Ralph died aged 54 years.

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