Robert Ivan KNIBBS, son of Frank Robert KNIBBS and Elsie RAZEY , was born 22 October 1926 in Warminster District, Wiltshire, England. He married Gwendoline Mildred Lilian FRY bet. July and September, 1950 in Bath, Somerset, England. He died February 2000 in Bath and North East Somerset, Somerset, England. Gwendoline Mildred Lilian FRY was born bet. October and December, 1927 in Bath District, Somerset, England. She died 09 October 2014 in Newark, Nottinghamshoire, England.

Children of Robert Ivan KNIBBS and Gwendoline Mildred Lilian FRY are:
1. David Robert KNIBBS, b. Private See David Robert KNIBBS & Margarita N SMITH
2. Linda Jane KNIBBS, b. Private See Graham John BROCKWAY & Linda Jane KNIBBS

Marriage Notes for Robert Ivan KNIBBS\Gwendoline Mildred Lilian FRY:

Robert and Gwendoline were married at the Church of St. Paul, Bath.

Notes for Robert Ivan KNIBBS:

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Notes for Gwendoline Mildred Lilian FRY:

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