Corydon Porter NORTHRUP was born 20 December 1820 in Oneida County, New York, USA. He married Ellen A KNIBBS 11 May 1854 in Niagara Falls, Niagara County, New York, USA. He died 1897 in Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA. Ellen A KNIBBS, daughter of John KNIBBS and Hannah ALDRIDGE , was born 02 November 1829 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. She died aft. 1880 in Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA.

Children of Corydon Porter NORTHRUP and Ellen A KNIBBS are:
1. Catherine Amina NORTHRUP, b. 11 May 1855
2. Mary Arlidge NORTHRUP, b. 26 December 1857
3. Henry Martin NORTHRUP, b. 24 July 1859
4. Harriet Isabell NORTHRUP, b. 24 April 1861
5. Caroline Naomi NORTHRUP, b. 21 August 1864
6. Alice Almira NORTHRUP, b. 09 July 1869
7. Lucy Emma NORTHRUP, b. 27 April 1872

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Notes for Corydon Porter NORTHRUP:

From the Commemorative Biagraphical Record of the Fox River Valley counties of Browne, Outagamie and Winnebago, 1895:
Corydon was the leading insurance man of Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin and one of it's honored early settlers and valued citizens. He is a native of Oneida, N.Y. having first seen the light there December 2 1820, and is a son of Cornelius Northrop, who was born in Greene County, N.Y., January 20, 1796, the eldest in a family of three sons and four daughters. The paternal grandfather, Enos Northrop, was also born in the Empire State, and was of English and Dutch descent, by occupation a farmer. His four sons were Cornelius, Richard, Thomas and Enos, the last named now living with a married daughter in California.
Cornelius Northrop learned the trade of making spinning wheels, and as a natural mechanic could do almost all kinds of wood work. He had no school privileges, but by his own effort obtained a practical education, always keeping himself well informed in the leading questions of the day. In his political views he was first a Federalist, but soon joined the Whig party, and upon its organisation was one of the first to esponse the principals of the Republican party. In 1817, he wedded Miss Mary E, Porter, who was born in Onandago County, N.Y. in 1800, a daughter of James and Polly (Bullard) Porter, the former of whom was a farmer, and also followed carpentering. Mrs. Northrup has a sister, Sally, who died in girlhood, and a brother Seth J, who studied for the ministry, and engaged in that work for many years: afterward however, he studied medicine, and at the time of his death, which occurred in Kalamazoo, Mich., in 1834, he was enjoying a large and lucrative practice. To Mr. and Mrs. Northrop were born seven children, three of who died in infancy, the other four - Corydon P., Caroline, Amelia and Francis - all growing to mature years. The father of this family about 1827 removed to Medina County, Ohio, and in 1830 went to Michigan, settling in Richmond, Kalamazoo county, on a farm. Three years later he removed to the village, where he made his home for five years. In 1846 he went with his family to Neenah, and in the spring of 1848, came to Menasha, building a log house, the first dwelling in the town. Here his remaining days were passed, his death occurring in February, 1869. He served as one of the militiamen at the time of the War of 1812, and was so near the scene of action he could hear the firing at the battle of Bennington, but was never called into active service. His sterling worth led him to be the people's choice for many local offices of honour and trust, and for one term he served as chairman of the county board of supervisors. He had the implicit confidence of his fellow men, and his word was as good as his bond. In business circles he was ever active, and he succeeded in establishing several enterprises in the community. Both he and his wife were member of the Congregational Church, and socially, he was a Royal Arch Mason. His wife, who was a most emitable lady, died in 1874.

Corydon was a child of six years when his parents went to Ohio, and a youth of ten on their removal to Michigan, where he remained until 1841, during which time he worked on a farm, attended school and clerked in a store. In 1841, he returned to Cuyahoga county. Ohio, where he engaged in the manufacture of spinning wheels until 1846, when he came to the territory of Wisconsin, locating in Neenah, which was then a mere hamlet. During the succeeding year and a half he built the first house in Menasha, and on it's completion it was occupied by his father, and and his family. Our subject worked in a sawmill and at the carpenter's trade until 1852 when he went to Two Rivers, where he was employed as a shipping clerk for the lumber firm of Aldrich, Smith & Co., until 1860. On April 15th 1845 he married Miss Catherine A. Smith, a native of St... Lawrence County, N.Y., who parents died when she was quite small, and she was then reared by an aunt. he died in Neenah, January 8, 1847, and May 11 1854, Mr. Northrup married Ellen A. Knibbs, who was born in England, November 2, 1829. During her infancy her parents emigrated to Canada, where shortly after her father died,leaving a family of sever children - John, Charles, Isaac, Mary, Ann, Naomi and Ellen. To Mr. and Mrs. Northrup were born nine children: Catherine A, Mary A, Hery M, Hattie I, Carrie N. Alice A, Lucy E. and two now deceased.
Mr. Northrup has been a resident of Menasha since February, 1860, at which time, he entered a sawmill, and soon, worked up the the position of super intendant of the Menasha Wooden Ware Company. In 1875, he left that business, and for a time followed carpentering and farming. Since 1887, however, he has given his entire time and attention to the insurance business in which he has met with good success. His life has been a busy and useful one, yet he has found time to devote to public interests. Some years he served as a member of the board of county supervisors, and in 1888, was again elected to that office. In the spring of 1881, he was appointed city clerk of Menasha, but resigned the following fall. On May 1, 1888, he was again appointed to that position, and discharged his duties with a promptness and fidelity that won him high commendation. He has filled the offices of justice of the peace and alderman, and is ever true to the trust imposed in him. Thos who know him honor him for his sterling worth and strict integrity, and their high esteem he justly merits.

We see Corydon in 1850 living with his parents at Neenah, Winnebago, Wisconsin:
Cornelius Northrup Head Mar 57 Timber Merchant New York
Mary E Northrup Wife 50 New York
Coridon Northrup Son 30 Sawyer New York
Ann E Northrup Daur 15 Michigan
Mary F Northrup Daur 11 Indiana

In 1860, Corydon was living at 1st Ward Village Of Menasha, Winnebago, Wisconsin:
Cordon Northrup Head Mar 39 New York
Ellen Northrup Wife 30 England
Catherine Northrup Daur 5 Wisconsin
Anna Northrup Daur 2 Wisconsin
Henry Northrup Son 0 Wisconsin

In 1870, we see the family living at Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin:
C P Northrup Head Mar 49 Book Keeper New York
Ellen A Northrup Wife Mar 40 Keeping House England
Katy A Northrup Daur 15 At School Wisconsin
A Mary Northrup Daur 12 At School Wisconsin
Henry M Northrup Son 11 At School Wisconsin
Hattie J Northrup Daur 9 At School Wisconsin
Carrie N Northrup Daur 5 At School Wisconsin
Alice Northrup Daur 10 months Wisconsin
Ann Knibbs 82 Wid No Occupation England
Mary A Northrup Wid 69 No Occupatyion New York

In 1880, we see Corydon and his family living at Menasha, Winnebago, Wisconsin:
Corydon P Northrop Head Mar 59 New York
Ellen A Northrop Wife 50 England
Mary A Northrop Daur 22 Wisconsin
Hattie J Northrop Daur 19 Wisconsin
Alice A Northrup Daur 10 Wisconsin
Caroline N Northrop Daur 15 Wisconsin
Lucy E Northrop Daur 8 Wisconsin
Henry L Northrop Son 20 Wisconsin
Catherine A Northrop Daur 25 Wisconsin

From Auer, James M. / Centennial memories: a brief history of Menasha, Wisconsin(1953):
The first home in Menasha was constructed by Corydon Northrup in the forest north of the river. Here, in the center of what is now Milwaukee street, he lived with his parents and their children. Corydon Northrup's daughter, Miss Lucy Northrup, the last of the line, passed away May 28, 1953, a little more than a month before the celebration of Menasha's hundredth birthday.


Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Corydon.

Sources for Corydon Porter NORTHRUP:

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Notes for Ellen A KNIBBS:

  • Birth: 02 November 1829 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England.
  • Death: aft. 1880 in Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Baptism: 05 November 1829  Deddington, Oxfordshire, England 

Sources for Ellen A KNIBBS:

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Notes for Catherine Amina NORTHRUP:

Also known as: Kate
  • Birth: 11 May 1855 in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Death: UNKNOWN.

Married James A Geddes on 16 May 1888 at Frankford, Dakota.

In 1895, we see Catherine, her husband and two children living at 3018 23rd Av. S, Hennepin County, Minnesota:
James A Geddes 41 Rail Road Clerk New York
Catherine Geddes 40 Wisconsin
Ruth Geddes 4 Minnesota
Donald Geddes 1 Minnesota

Just along the road we see Catherine's bother Henry and his wife.

In 1900, we see James and his family living at Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota:
James A Geddes Head Mar Foreman Freight House New York
Catherine Geddes Wife 44 Wisconsin
Ruth M Geddes Daur 10 Minnesota
Donald N Geddes Son 6 Minnesota

In 1905, they were still living in Minneaplois:
James A V Geddes Head Mar 49 Foreman York State
Catherine M Geddes Wife M 50 Wisconsin
Ruth M Geddes Daur 15 Minnesota
Donald N Geddes Son 11 Minesota

Their son Donald was Donald Northrup Geddes, born 11 Apr 1894 and died 21 Jul 1949. He was a Sergeant 1st Class in the Quartermaster Corps of the US Army during WWI.
He was already married when he enlisted in 1917, and I suspect his wife was Joy A Williams and they married on 24 Nov, 1915 at Minneapolis, Hennepin, Mennesota.
They had a son named Donald born in Minnesota in 1923 but at some time after that, Donald Sr. and Joy were divorced, and in 1940, we see the two of them living in San Francisco City, California. Joy died in San Francisco in October 1974.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Catherine's son, Donald.

He's buried in the Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Sources for Catherine Amina NORTHRUP:

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Notes for Mary Arlidge NORTHRUP:

  • Birth: 26 December 1857 in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Death: UNKNOWN.
  • Occupation: School Teacher 

Sources for Mary Arlidge NORTHRUP:

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Notes for Henry Martin NORTHRUP:

  • Birth: 24 July 1859 in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Death: UNKNOWN.

Henry married Mary E Fisher, 30 Dec 1886.

In 1895, we see Henry living at 3044 23rd Av S. 2nd Floor, Hennepin County, Minnesota:
Henry M Northrup 36 Engineer Wisconsin
Mary Northrup 47 New York.

Just along the street, we see his sister Catherine with her husband and two children.

In 1900, he could be seen living at Menasha City Ward 1, Winnebago, Wisconsin:
Henry Northrop Head Mar 40 Insurance Wisconsin
Mary Northrop Wife 52 New York
Hattie E Northrup Sister 39 UnM Wisconsin
Lucy E Northrup Sister 28 UnM Wisconsin

In 1905, Henry was still living at Menasha, Winnebago, Wisconsin
Henry Northrup Head Mar 46 Carpenter Wisconsin
Mary Northrup Wife Mar 53 Massachusetts
Hatie Northrup Sister UnM 43 Librarian Wisconsin
Lucy Northrup Sister UnM 30 Office Clerk Wisconsin

In 1920, Henry was living at Menasha Ward 4, Winnebago, Wisconsin:
Henry M Northrup Head Mar 60 Wisconsin
Mary F Northrup Wife Mar 72 New York
Harriett J Northrup Sister UnM 58 Wisconsin
Lucy E NorthrupSister UnM 47 Wisconsin
Katherine A Fisher Sister-in-law 70 New York

Not quite sure who Katherine Fisher is.

In 1930, we see Henry again, living at Menasha, Winnebago, Wisconsin:
Henry M Northrup Head Mar 70 Wisconsin
Mary F Northrup Wife Mar 82 New York
Mary A Northrup Sister UnM 72 Wisconsin
Hettie J NorthrupSister UnM 67 Wisconsin
Lucy E NorthrupSister UnM 57 Wisconsin

Sources for Henry Martin NORTHRUP:

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Notes for Harriet Isabell NORTHRUP:

  • Birth: 24 April 1861 in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Death: aft. 1940.
  • Occupation: Librarian 

In 1940, we see Harriet living at Ward 5, Menasha, Menasha City, Winnebago, Wisconsin:
Lucy Northrup Head UnM 67 Wisconsin
Harriet Northrup Sister UnM 78 Wisconsin
Agnes Holmen Nurse Wid 58 Wisconsin

Harriet was a Librarian at the Elisha D Smith Library.

Sources for Harriet Isabell NORTHRUP:

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Notes for Caroline Naomi NORTHRUP:

Also known as: Carrie Naomi
  • Birth: 21 August 1864 in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Death: 30 October 1942 in Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA .
  • Occupation: School Teacher  bef. 1893 

Caroline married Joe H Davis on 4 Oct 1893 at Winnebago, Wisconsin.

From The Duluth Evening Herald, Satruday, September 30, 1893:
J. H. Davis left today for Menasha, Wis., where he will be married on Wednesday evening next, at S o’clock, to Miss Caroline Northrup at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Northrup. Miss Northrup formerly
taught school here and has many fiiends. After the marriage Mr. and Mrs. Davis will go to the World’s fair and then to Pontiac, Mich., Mr. Davis’ home. They will arrive in Duluth about Dec..

Notes for Alice Almira NORTHRUP:

  • Birth: 09 July 1869 in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Death: May 1894 in Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA .
  • Occupation: School Teacher  bef. 1894 


From The Duluth Evening Herald, Monday, May 28, 1894:
Miss Alice Northrup died Saturday evening at the home of her sister, Mrs. Joseph Davis, of Lakeside. She had been ill for five weeks with typhoid fever. Miss Northrup was a teacher in the Rice’s Point school. Her home was in Menasha, Wis., where the body was taken for burial yesterday.

Sources for Alice Almira NORTHRUP:

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Notes for Lucy Emma NORTHRUP:

  • Birth: 27 April 1872 in Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Death: 28 May 1953.
  • Occupation: Clerk 

In 1940, we see Lucy living at Ward 5, Menasha, Menasha City, Winnebago, Wisconsin:
Lucy Northrup Head UnM 67 Wisconsin
Harriet Northrup Sister UnM 78 Wisconsin
Agnes Holmen Nurse Wid 58 Wisconsin

Sources for Lucy Emma NORTHRUP:

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