Alf HARRIS. He married Rose KNIBBS bet. April and June, 1930 in Birmingham North District, Warwickshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Rose KNIBBS, daughter of Charles KNIBBS and Hannah Elizabeth SMALLWOOD , was born bet. July and September, 1904 in Birmingham District, Warwickshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Marriage Notes for Alf HARRIS\Rose KNIBBS:

Notes for Alf HARRIS:

I understand from Linda Dawson-Smith that Rose and Alf had no children.

Sources for Alf HARRIS:

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Notes for Rose KNIBBS:

I've made a best guess for the year of birth for Rose. It's believed by family members that she was born somewhen between Clara and Ivy.
FreeBMD has a Rose Knibbs being born in Birmingham during Sep qtr. 1904, so that maybe her.

Sources for Rose KNIBBS:

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