Alfred Reginald KNIBBS, son of John Richard Payne KNIBBS and Mary Ann Waterman HEAD , was born 17 September 1881 in Faversham, Kent, England. He married Violet Isabel LARKING bet. April and June, 1924 in Southwark District, London, Middlesex, England. He died bet. April and June, 1952 in Marylebone District, London, Middlesex, England. Violet Isabel LARKING was born 26 December 1874 in Margate, Kent, England. She died bet. January and March, 1950 in Camberwell District, London, England.

Marriage Notes for Alfred Reginald KNIBBS\Violet Isabel LARKING:

Alfred's name was given as Reginald in the register. We know from the 1911 census that this was Violet had been married before.

Other Marriages/Unions for Violet Isabel LARKING:
See Unknown FITZGERALD & Violet Isabel LARKING

Notes for Alfred Reginald KNIBBS:

Also known as: Reginald

We can see Alfred in 1901 living at 11 Dover Street, Sittingbourne, Kent:
Louisa Pelfit Head Wid 72 Kent Sandwich
Osbourn Pelfit Son UnM 31 General Labourer Kent Sittingbourne
Reginald Knibbs Boarder UnM 18 Assistant Reeler Paper Mills Kent Faversham

Alfred joined the Royal Marines on 30 June 1902. He was 5' 7½" tall, fresh complexion with light brown hair and grey eyes.

Recruitment Depoty Deal 30 Jun 1902 to 8 Apr 1903 (training Establishment at Deal in Kent)
Portsmouth Division 9 Apr 1903 to 4 Nov 1903
HMS Boscawen "Minotour" 5 Nov 1903 to 5 Oct 1904 (renamed HMS Minotour, a broadside ironclad warships)
Portsmouth Division 6 Oct 1904 to 4 Nov 1904
HMS Hogue for Egmont 5 Nov 1904 to 22 Sep 1905 (Armoured Cruiser)
Portsmouth Division at Plymouth 23 Sep 1905 to 26 Sep 1905
Portsmouth Division 27 Sep 1905 to 9 Jun 1906
RM ????? 10 Jun 1906 to 29 Jun 1906
Portsmouth Division 30 Jun 1906 to 30 Jun 1906 (Deserted)

From what I can tell, he was discharged from the Royal Marines in June 1906, for desertion.

See images of the ships on which he served.

We see him in 1911, living at 59 Great Peter St Westminster, London:
Reginald Knibbs Head 30 Single Liftman In Restaurant Kent Faversham
Violet Fitzgerald Boarder 39 Widow Barmaid Kent Margate
Ivy Fitzgerald (5 months) Westminster London

The census states that Violet had 10 children before 1911, but with just one surviving.

Alfred and Violet were later to become man and wife.

We see Alfred living at 54 Basement Draycott Place, Chelsea, London, at the time of the 1939 Register.

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Notes for Violet Isabel LARKING:

I'm making a conjecture that the Violet I Fitzgerald who married Reginald Knibbs was indeed Violet Isobel Larking. This is the only Violet I that I can see being born in that part of the country and more specifically, in the right year.
I cant find any trace of her (or any other Violet I) marrying anyone named Fitzpatrick though.

We see Violet. living at 11 Speke House, Camberwell,London, at the time of the 1939 Register.
Also living there were Lilian Fitzgerald, 27, Daily Domestic, and Louise Phippen, 27, Club Waitress.

It's possibly this Violet Knibbs who died in q1/1950 in Camberwell District, London, aged 77.

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