Roland George KNIBBS, son of George Cecil KNIBBS and Dorothy Mary WELLS , was born 12 June 1940 in Slinfold, West Sussex, England. He died 09 June 1993 in East Grinstead, West Sussex, England. Christine M R GUNNER was born Private.

Children of Roland George KNIBBS and Christine M R GUNNER are:
1. Christopher Roland KNIBBS, b. Private See Christopher Roland KNIBBS & Christine NEMETH

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Roland's career was with the railways.

Extracted from the Crawley News - 28 July 1993:
Man Dies after Fireball Horror.
Firefighters from Crawley were met by a horrific sight after neighbours reported hearing a screaming man.
For a man opened the door of his house dressed only in his underwear and displaying what were later found to be 40 per cent burns.
He died three days later in the burns unit at Queen Victona Hospital. East Grinstead, from fluid on the lungs caused by the trauma.

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