Henry Robert KNIBBS, son of William KNIBBS and Rebecca SHIRLEY , was born 07 March 1896 in Clifton, Oxfordshire, England. He married Ethel Florence SANDERS 02 August 1919 in Coventry District, Warwickshire, England. He died 25 January 1988 in Coventry District, Warwickshire, England. Ethel Florence SANDERS was born 25 February 1898 in Coventry District, Warwickshire, England. She died bet. October and December, 1978 in Coventry District, Warwickshire, England.

Children of Henry Robert KNIBBS and Ethel Florence SANDERS are:
1. Edna May KNIBBS, b. 26 June 1920 See Thomas E DIXON & Edna May KNIBBS OR Edward Thomas Robert SIDWELL & Edna May KNIBBS
2. Alan Raymond KNIBBS, b. 11 January 1925 See Alan Raymond KNIBBS & Edith Ethel WILSON

Marriage Notes for Henry Robert KNIBBS\Ethel Florence SANDERS:

From the Coventry Evening Telegraph, Wednesday 02 August 1944:
SILVER WEDDINGS KNIBBS-SANDERS. -- On August 2, 1913, at St. Mark’s Church, by the Rev. G. W. Gillingham, Henry Robert Knibbs to Ethel Florence Sanders. Present address; 86. Shakespeare Slreet. Coventry.

Notes for Henry Robert KNIBBS:

Also known as: Harry

I believe Harry is the same as Henry as he is listed in the 1901 census return.
Henry Knitts5Clifton OxonWarwickCoventry

A family story told by Henry was that one of his brothers was drowned and he was blamed for it. He was collecting him from school and they were playing with a paper aeroplane when his brother fell into the canal. We believe this will have been his younger brother Ernest who died aged about 4 years.

I was told by Ann Rosalind (Knibbs) Mann, his granddaughter, that in his latter years Henry always loved to visit a farm in Ryton and would go to the Barras Market on a Monday to collect the old vegetables for the cattle. He drove an old Austin Cambridge right up until the latter half of 1987 when it was no longer road worthy. It was after that time he seemed to give up on life.

As a child Ann used to go to Rugby market with him on a Monday. He kept pigs at Brandon until he suffered a serious bout of shingles and during this illness, he sadly lost them all to swine fever.

We see Henry living with his parents in 1911 at 16 Russell Street, Coventry, Warwickshire:
William Knibbs Head Married M 44 Roadman Coventry C C Oxfordshire
Rebecca Knibbs Wife Married 23 years F 43 Home Work Oxfordshire
Alice Winifred Knibbs Daughter Single F 21 Printer London Middesex
Arthur William Knibbs Son Single M 19 Butchers Assistant London Middesex
Mary Eveline Knibbs Daughter Single F 18 Domestic Servant Deddington Oxon
Herbert Fred Knibbs Son Singe M 16 Butchers Assistant Deddington Oxon
Henry Robert Knibbs Son Single M 15 Butchers Assistant Deddington Ox
John Shirley Knibbs Son Singe M 10 School Lad Coventry Warwick
Walter James Knibbs Son Single M 4 Coventry Warwick
Elsie May Knibbs Daughter Single F 1 Coventry Warwick

We see Henry and Ethel living in the Birmingham District of Warwickshire at the time of the 1939 Register.

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Notes for Ethel Florence SANDERS:

In 1901, Ethel was living at Ct 3H19 East Street, Coventry, Warwickshire:
Harry Sanders Head Mar 25 Cycle Machinist Warks Coventry
Florence M Sanders Wife Mar 25 Warks Coventry
Ethel F Sanders Daur 3 Warks Coventry
Harry Sanders Son 8 mnth Warks Coventry

In 1911, they were living at 64 Paynes Lane, Coventry, Warwickshire:
Harry Sanders Head Mar 35 Cycle Brazer Coventry Warwickshire
Florence M Sanders Wife Mar 36 Weaver (Cotton) Coventry Warwickshire
Ethel F Sanders Daur 13 School Coventry Warwickshire
Harry Sanders Son 10 School Coventry Warwickshire
Hilda M Sanders Daur 5 Coventry Warwickshire

Ethel married Henry Knibbs in 1919.

From the Coventry Evening Telegraph - 09 February 1976:

ETHEL knibbs took a three-mile trip to wonderland on Saturday.
All her life the 75-year-old great-grandmother has lived barely three miles from the heart of Coventry. But her last trip to the centre was before the second world war.
Until Saturday. Then Mrs Knibbs was taken on a grand tour of the Precinct - and all the stories she had read and pictures she had seen of the shopping area and the cathedral suddenly became a reality. Accompanied by her granddaughter Sheila Sidwell (17) and Sheila's boyfriend Gary Faulkner, Mrs Knibbs propelled her wheelchair through the crowded streets In a 90-minute transport of delight.
At the end of her visit she was almost lost for woirds. "I have never seen anything lake It. It all seems like a dream. Everything's wonderful.
Sliver-haired Mrs .Knibbs lives almost within walking distance of Broadgale, at 86 Shakespeare Street, Stoke.
But being confined to a wheelchair turned her into something of a "home bird."
I've never really bothered about comming into town. My grand.daughter has been trying to persuade me to come in for 12 months, so finally I said yes." she said.
"I have never wanted to make a nuisance of myself - so home I've stayed
There were no trams. no Smithford Street. no gas showrooms in Corporation Street to remind Mrs Knibbs of her last central shopping spree 38 years ago.
"And what's happened to Hertford Street?' she exclaimed. "To think I used to do rny courting down there!
Homeward bound in Gary's car, she talked excitedly of plans for her second trip. I may be nearly 78. but there's obviously a lot more to see!"

Note: Ethel's granddaughter Sheila went on to marry the boyfriend in the story

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