Bernard J KNIBBS, son of James KNIBBS and Winifred M WESTON , was born 25 May 1927 in Birmingham North District, Warwickshire, England. He married Mavis June PERKINS bet. October and December, 1945 in Solihull District, Warwickshire, England. He died June 1985 in Barnstaple District, Devonshire, England. Mavis June PERKINS was born 28 June 1925 in Solihull District, Warwickshire, England. She died 05 July 1997 in Barnstaple District, Devonshire, England.

Children of Bernard J KNIBBS and Mavis June PERKINS are:
1. Paul Bernard KNIBBS, b. Private See Paul Bernard KNIBBS & Marie Therese HOLT
2. Patricia A KNIBBS, b. Private See Anthony BOAKES & Patricia A KNIBBS
3. Elizabeth C KNIBBS, b. Private See Kerry J QUILTER & Elizabeth C KNIBBS
4. Peter Gerard KNIBBS, b. Private See Peter Gerard KNIBBS & Kay Teresa P BOYLAN OR Peter Gerard KNIBBS & Linda H SKINNER
5. John Patrick KNIBBS, b. Private
6. Mark Leonard KNIBBS, b. Private See Mark Leonard KNIBBS & Julie M SABLES
7. Anthony Francis KNIBBS, b. Private See Anthony Francis KNIBBS & Eileen P KEOHANE
8. Michael Joseph KNIBBS, b. Private See Michael Joseph KNIBBS & Thule UNKNOWN OR Michael Joseph KNIBBS & Anne M MCDONALD
9. Mary Winifred KNIBBS, b. Private See David HOLLAND & Mary Winifred KNIBBS
10. Stephen James KNIBBS, b. Private See Stephen James KNIBBS & Susan F PRICE

Marriage Notes for Bernard J KNIBBS\Mavis June PERKINS:

Notes for Bernard J KNIBBS:

Bernard in around 1980, in his early 50's. (click to enlarge)

Bernard served for many years in the army. I believe he joined as an ordinary soldier and moved upwards to the rank of Captain. He was disabled from the army due to deafness.

In 1971, Bernard started an insurance company in Devon, England, called BJK Insurance Brokers. That company is still running today (May 2007) and is still called BJK Insurance. During the last 25 years the company has developed a reputation for being caring, specialist Minibus Insurance and Coach Insurance brokers to the Charity, Youth and Community Sector as well as the traditional Commercial and Personal Insurance markets.

Sources for Bernard J KNIBBS:

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Notes for Mavis June PERKINS:

We see Mavis, living at The Wilderness, Warwick Road, Solihull, Warwickshire, at the time of the 1939 Register.
She wasliving with who I presume to be her parents, Henry and mariuon E Perkins, and brother Charles.

Mavis, taken for a local newspaper holding a post card, after it turned up in the post 15 years late. (click to enlarge)

Sources for Mavis June PERKINS:

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Notes for John Patrick KNIBBS: