Reuben Jessop WASHINGTON was born bet. July and September, 1884 in Littleport, Cambridgeshire, England. He married Maude Constance KNIBBS bet. April and June, 1909 in West Ham District, Essex, England. He died bet. April and June, 1948 in Romford District, Essex, England. Maude Constance KNIBBS, daughter of Alfred KNIBBS and Elizabeth SANDERS , was born bet. July and September, 1887 in Shoreditch District, London, Middlesex, England. She died bet. October and December, 1964 in Romford District, Essex, England.

Marriage Notes for Reuben Jessop WASHINGTON\Maude Constance KNIBBS:

There were two possibles that Maude could have married:
HODGE Frederick Leonard, or
WASHINGTON Reub__ Jessop

Notes for Reuben Jessop WASHINGTON:

In 1891, we see Reuben living with his family at Victoria Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire:
William Washington Head Wid 39 Farmer Norfolk Lynn
William Washington Son UnM 15 Farm Labourer Yorks Sheldwin Charland(?)
Flora Washington Daur 13 Home Duties Essex Canning Town
John H Washington Son 10 Agricultural Labourer Essex Canning Town
Reuben Washington Son 7 Scholar Cambs Littleport
Horace Washington Son 4 Scholar Cambs Littleport

In 1901, we see him living at 40 Kelly Road, West Ham, Essex:
William Washington Head Mar 49 Gas Fireman Norfolk Lynn
Hannah Washington Wife Mar 38 Suffolk Pattenden
Reuben Washington Son UnM 16 Artificial Manure Factory Cambs Littleport
Horace Washington Son UnM 14 Artificial Manure Factrory Cambs Littleport
Nina L Washington Daur 9 Cambs Littleport
Stanley Washington Son 6 Cambs Littleport
Dorothy M Washington Daur 1 Cambs Littleport

Reuben's father Willim remarried in q4/1891 to Hannah Craske in Ely District, Cambridgeshire.

Reuben married Maude Knibbs in 1909.

Reuben appears in 1911, living at 186 Milton Avenue, East Ham in the District of West Ham, Essex:
Reuben Washington Head 26 Married Bullion Smelters Assistant Cambo Littleport
Constance Washington Wife 23 Married (2 years) London Hoxton

They'd had no children by 1911.

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Notes for Maude Constance KNIBBS:

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