Caleb MURREY was born bet. January and March, 1842 in Great Barford, Oxfordshire, England. He married Matilda LAKE bet. July and September, 1869 in Bicester District, Oxfordshire, England. He died bet. October and December, 1910 in Banbury District, Oxfordshire, England. Matilda LAKE was born bet. October and December, 1844 in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. She died bet. July and September, 1870 in Bicester District, Oxfordshire, England.

Marriage Notes for Caleb MURREY\Matilda LAKE:

FreeBMD gives two possibles for Caleb's first wife. It was either Eunice Leach, or Matilda Lake. Sadly, she died before the 1881 census so other than obtaining a marriage certificate, there is no way of telling which one.

Other Marriages/Unions for Caleb MURREY:
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Notes for Caleb MURREY:

Also known as: Murray

Caleb's father was Joseph Murrey, a stonemason. Joseph died before 1888.

Caleb can be seen in the 1881 census for England and Wales, before he married Mary, living with his brother Joseph and family at 5 & 6 Flint Cottages, Kingswood, Surrey, England. He was 39 years old and unmarried.
Joseph MURREY Head M Male 54 Nuggenton Heath, Oxford, England Carpenter & Builder
Alice MURREY Wife M Female 51 Dunston, Oxford, England Carpenter & Builder Wife
William MURREY Son U Male 28 Hornton, Oxford, England Carpenter
Amy MURREY Daur U Female 18 Walton, Surrey, England Dressmaker
James Andrew MURREY Son U Male 16 Walton, Surrey, England Joiner
Caleb George MURREY Son U Male 15 Walton, Surrey, England Joiner
Emily Marva MURREY Daur U Female 14 Walton, Surrey, England Scholar
Caleb MURREY Brother U Male 39 Great Barford, Oxford, England Stone Mason

In 1891, we see Caleb living in South Newington, Oxfordshire, between the Grocers Shop and the Wykham Arms public house:
Caleb Murry Head Mar 49 Stone Mason Oxon Great Barford
Mary Ann Murry Wife Mar 47 Oxon Deddington

Caleb and Mary appear in the 1901 census for England and Wales, living at 1 Turnpike Road, South Newington, Oxfordshire, England:
Caleb Murrey 59 Gt Barford Oxon Oxford South Newington Stone Mas
Mary A Murrey 57 Deddington Oxon Oxford South Newington

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Notes for Matilda LAKE:

We first see Matilda in 1851, living at what looks like Windsor Street, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire:
John Lake Head Mar 41 Sawyer Beaconsfield Bucks
Sarah Lake Wife Mar 39 Sawyers Wife Wooburn Bucks
Ellen Lake Daur UnM 20 Sawyers Daughter Wooburn Bucks
Ralph Lake Son 17 Sawyer Beaconsfield Bucks
Luke Lake Son 15 Sawyer Beaconsfield Bucks
Eli Lake Son 13 Wood Labourer Beaconsfield Bucks
Ann Lake Daur 8 Scholar Beaconsfield Bucks
Matilda Lake Daur 6 Scholar Beaconsfield Bucks
Louisa Lake Daur 5 At Home Beaconsfield Bucks

In 1861, they were still living at Windsor Street, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire:
John Lake Head Mar 50 Wood Sawyer Bucks Beaconsfield
Sarah Lake Wife Mar 49 Bucks Wooburn
Matilda Lake Daur 16 Bucks Beaconsfield
Louisa Lake Daur 15 Bucks Beaconsfield
Lavinia Lake Daur 9 Bucks Beaconsfield
William Lake Grandson 9 Middlesex Uxbridge
Ellen Lake Grand Daur 5 Middlesex Uxbridge

Matilda maried Caleb in 1869.

Matilda died aged 27 years, shortly after she and Caleb were married.

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