Edward HOARE was born September 1840 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, Wales. He married Emily KNIBBS 21 July 1888 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA. He died 01 September 1913 in Windsor County, Vermont, USA. Emily KNIBBS, daughter of Sarah KNIBBS , was born April 1863 in Mile End, London, Middlesex, England. She died bet. 1900 and 1910 in New Jersey, USA.

Children of Edward HOARE and Emily KNIBBS are:
1. Edna Elizabeth HOARE, b. 1878 See Maximilian Eimert MASS & Edna Elizabeth HOARE
2. Dorette Amelie HOARE, b. 20 June 1890 See Frank Warner BISHOP & Dorette Amelie HOARE
3. Lilian HOARE, b. February 1893

Marriage Notes for Edward HOARE\Emily KNIBBS:

Emily is the niece of Edward's first wife, Elizabeth.

I've conjectured that the following record relates to the marriage between Edward Hoarde and Emily Knibbs:
Name:Edward Lee M. Hoare
Birth Year (Estimated):1840
Birth Date:1840
Spouse's Name:Emily K. Vivian
Spouse's Age:25
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated):1863
Spouse's Birth Date:1863
License Type:Marriage
Event Date:21 Jul 1888
Event Place:Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Why the conjecture?
We know that Edward Hoare also went by the name Edward Le Mesurier Hoare. The dates of birth on the record are the same as those for Tthis Edward and Emily. I suspect the "K" after the name Emily is for Knoibbs, and, we have seen Emily using the name Vivian at the wedding of her daughter, Edna. The date of this marriage coincides almost exactly with the date of Edward's divorce from his first wife, Elizabeth Knibbs. Finally, Emily was named as Emily K Vivian on the birth records of her daughter Dorette Hoare.
So, even though I'm adding this as a conjecture, I'm convinced it's correct.

Edward declared at the 1910 census return that he and Emily were married and had been for 20 years. I find that difficult to believe as we know he married his first wife, Elizabeth Knibbs, in 1871 and divorced her in 1888. At her divorce, Elizabeth stated that Edward's relationship with Emily started in about 1880, so I guess that's where the 20 years came fro

Other Marriages/Unions for Edward HOARE:
See Edward HOARE & Elizabeth KNIBBS

Notes for Edward HOARE:

Also known as: Major Edward Le Mesurier Hoare

We can see from the 1841 census return that Edward Hoare was born in Merthyr Tydfil in Glamorganshire, Wales where we can see him living with his parents and siblings in 1841:
Edward Hoare 30 Gardener
Mary Hoare 30
William Hoare 15
Thomas Hoare 4
Edward Hoare 9 months
Rachel Rees 20 FS

In 1851, Edward was still living with his parents at Pedwranfach, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, Wales:
Edward Hoare Head Mar 43 Gardener and Seedsman Glamorgan Merthyr Tydfil
Mary Hoare Wife 42 Glamorgan Merthyr Tydfil
Edward Hoare Son 10 Scholar Glamorgan Merthyr Tydfil
Maryann Hoare Daur 8 Scholar Glamorgan Merthyr Tydfil
John James Son 2 Glamorgan Merthyr Tydfil
William Hoare Son 6 months Glamorgan Merthyr Tydfil
Margaret Lewis Servant UnM 22 House Maid Cardigan Mount

Edward employed 3 men and 1 female.

In 1861, the family was living at Junction(?) Hotel, Loch Y Wain, Llanwonno, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire:
Edward Hoare Head Mar 53 Inkeeper and Farmer 3.5 acres Glamorgan Merthyr
Mary Hoare Wife 52 Glamorgan Merthyr
Edward Hoare Son 20 Railway Clerk Glamorgan Merthyr
Mary Ann Hoare Daur 18 Scholar Glamorgan Merthyr
John J Hoare Son 12 Scholar Glamorgan Merthyr
Margaret Lewis Serv UnM 33 House Servant Candiganshire

In 1871, he was lodging at 24 Vincent Square on the corner of Alfred Street, Westminster, London, having recently married Elizabeth:
Job Toop Head M 50 Cabproprietor Dorset
Mary Ann Toop Wife M 46 Somerset Bridgewater
Mary Ann Toop Daur 12 Middlesex Knightsbridge
John Doyleaf Lodger M 50 Carpenter Middlesex London
Emma Doyleaf Wife M 46 Middlesex London
George Doyleaf Son 12 Middlesex Westminster
Edward Hoare Lodger M 32 Corporal Royal Engineers Wales Merthyr Tydfil
Elizabeth Hoare Wife M 36 Surrey Egham

Edward married Elizbeth Knibbs (aka opera singer Lizzie Lemure) in 1871 and they went off together to live in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They separated after about 10 years and eventually divorced in 1888 due to Edward's infidelity with Emily Knibbs, identified in the divorce as his neice.

We can see them in 1880, living at Jefferson, Cook, Illinois,:
Edward Hoar Head Mar 40 Wales
Elizabeth Hoar Wife Mar 47 England
Emily Clark Niece 17 England
Carrie Seymore Daughter 25 Canada

The transcription I saw stated that Carrie Seymore was a daughter, I believe it to be a transcription error. She was probably a lodger. I suspect that the girl named as Emily Clark was quite probably Elizabeth's niece, Emily Knibbs, who later went on to have an affair with and then marry Edward Hoare.

Edward divorced Elizabeth and married her neice Emily Knibbs in 1888.

We can see Edward and Emily in 1900 with three children Edna, Darrette and Lilian, living at Bayonne City, New Jersey, USA. The census states that they'd been married for 20 years.
Edward Hoare Head born Sep 1840 59 Married (20 years) Wales Civil Engineer
Emily Hoare Wife born Apr 1863 37 Married (20 years) England
Edna Hoare Daughter born Aug 18 1881 Illinois
Darrette Hoare Daughter born Jun 1890 9 New Jersey at School
Lillian Hoare Daughter born Feb 1893 7 England at School

Edward stated that he had been in the United States since 1870, and that Emily had been there since 1879.

Edward and the children were living at Elizabeth Ward 10, Union, New Jersey in 1910, but Edward identified himself as a widower.
In 1910 we see him living at Elizabeth Ward 10, Union, New Jersey
Edward Hoare 69, ENG/Wales - civil engineer, widowed
Edna Hoare 28, ILL - nurse
Dorette Hoare 19, NJ
Lillian Hoare 19 [17] NJ

From the New York Times, September 4, 1913:
Major Edward Le M. Hoare.
Major Edward Le Mesurier Hoare, a consulting engineer, with offices at 30 Church Street, died on Monday at his home, 419 West 115th Street, of heart disease, in his seventy-third year. For many years he was consulting engineer of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and had a wide reputation as a railroad engineer. Major Hoare was born in London and came to America as a young man. Three daughters survive him.


Edward was a Private in the Briish Army when his first wife, Elizabeth Knibbs purchased his release but we see from his obituary in the New York Time, he assumed the rank of Major and the surname of Le Mesurier Hoare.
Also, in his daughter Dorette's wedding announcement in the New York Herald, Edward's name was given as Major Edward Le M. Hoare.
The record at Riverside Cemetery, Woodstock, Windsor County, Vermont shows him as Edward Le M. Witten Hoare, so an even more intriguing twist to his name.
His daughter Edna is also buried at Riverside Cemetery.

Our gratitude goes to the members and volunteers at
Find A Grave web site for recording the details, in memory of Edward.

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Notes for Emily KNIBBS:

Also known as: Emily Vivian

We don't know for sure that Emily was the daughter of Sarah Knibbs, but it seems most likely. I suspect she was born out of wedlock to Sarah and then raised in the family household where Sarah was still living at that time. She was listed in the 1871 census as Mary Ann's daughter.
Mary Ann Knibbs Widow 54 Lodging House Keeper Bow devonshire
Jemima Knibbs Daughter single 24 Machinist Egham Surrey
Sarah Knibbs Daughter single 28 Laundress Egham Surrey
Emily Knibbs Daughter single 8 Mile End Middlesex
Jemima Knibbs Niece single 4 Mile End Middlesex
Anna Farmer Lodger Widow 52 Silk Weaver Shoreditch Middlesex

Jemima is probably the daughter of another of Mary Ann's daughters, Frances Knibbs, so a grand-daughter rather than a neice as identified on the census return.

Emily's aunt Elizabeth Knibbs married Edward Hoare in 1871 and went to live in Chicago, Illinois, USA with him. She then divorced him in 1888 due to his infidelity with an Emily Knibbs who was described at the court hearing as his neice. The belief is that it was this Emily Knibbs who went to live with them in Chicago at around 1880.

In fact, we see who I suspect is Emily living with her aunt and uncle in 1880, named as Emily Clark. Emily's parentage isn't known for certain, so she may well have used the surname Clark.
We can see them in 1880, living at Jefferson, Cook, Illinois rather than Chicsago as stated in Elizbeth and Edward's divorce hearing.
Edward Hoar Head Mar 40 Wales
Elizabeth Hoar Wife Mar 47 England
Emily Clark Niece 17 England
Carrie Seymore Daughter 25 Canada

I think that listing Carrie Seymour as a daughter is probably a transcription error.

Emily can be seen as Emily Hoare in on 15 Feb, 1894, arriving in New York aboard the ship named Richmond Hill from London, England. She was travelling with three children:
Emily Hoare, 30, a citizen of England, Unmarried
Edna Hoare, 11, a citizen of USA
Dorel Hoare, 3½, a citizen of USA
Lilian Hoare, 10 months, a citizen of England

The Richmond Hill was a small passenger ship with accommodation for approximatey 50 first class passengers. The manifest for that particular journey from London to New York shows that there were only 13 passengers onboard. Emily was in a second class cabin.

(Click image to see a larger version)

It's interesting to note that Emily was recorded on the passenger list as Emily K Hoare, so I presume the "K" was for "Knibbs". It is also noted that when her daughter Edna was married, Emily's name was given as Emily Vivian.

I don't know for sure she died in New Jersey, but as her husband and children were listed as living there in 1900 and 1910, it seems most likely.

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Notes for Lilian HOARE:

The GRO for England and Wales shows Lilian was born in Woodstock District, Oxfordshire during q1/1893.

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