Thomas KNIBBS, son of John KNIBBS and Mary ROAKE , was born abt. 1846 in Old Windsor District, Berkshire, England. He married Mary Ann Maria FROUD 31 May 1868 in Hampstead, London, Middlesex, England. He died bet. July and September, 1923 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. Mary Ann Maria FROUD was born bet. January and March, 1844 in Egham, Surrey, England. She died bet. July and September, 1911 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England.

Children of Thomas KNIBBS and Mary Ann Maria FROUD are:
1. Flora Land KNIBBS, b. 11 April 1869 See Frederick William HAYWARD & Flora Land KNIBBS
2. Ellen KNIBBS, b. 23 September 1870 See George HOLLOWAY & Ellen KNIBBS
3. Annie KNIBBS, b. 30 August 1872 See ? & Annie KNIBBS
4. Sarah KNIBBS, b. 19 August 1874
5. Emily Jane KNIBBS, b. 24 March 1876 See James Augustus WEBB & Emily Jane KNIBBS
6. Ada Louisa KNIBBS, b. 20 January 1878
7. Mary KNIBBS, b. 27 December 1879
8. Lizzie KNIBBS, b. 26 March 1887 See William James WATSON & Lizzie KNIBBS
9. James KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1891
10. Thomas Henry KNIBBS, b. 14 January 1882 See Thomas Henry KNIBBS & Ethel ZEBEDEE
11. Eliza KNIBBS, b. 07 December 1884 See Arthur Frank GRAY & Eliza KNIBBS
12. Joseph KNIBBS, b. 22 October 1883

Notes for Thomas KNIBBS:

In 1871, Thomas was living at Sand Pitt Victoria Road, Egham, Surrey:
Thomas Knibbs Head 24 Labourer Old Windsor Berks
Mary AnnKnibbs Wife 26 Wife Egham Surrey
Flora Land Knibbs Dau 2 EghamSurrey
Ellen Knibbs Dau 6 mnths Egham Surrey.

We can see Thomas and his family in 1881, living at Bond Street Cumberland Row, Egham, Surrey, England:
Thomas KNIBBS Head M Male 34 Old Windsor, Berkshire, England Ag Lab
Mary A. KNIBBS Wife M Female 36 Egham, Surrey, Engla
Flora L. KNIBBS Daur Female 11 Egham, Surrey, England Scholar
Ellen KNIBBS Daur Female 10 Egham, Surrey, England Scholar
Annie KNIBBS Daur Female 8 Egham, Surrey, England Scholar
Sarah KNIBBS Daur Female 6 Egham, Surrey, England Scholar
Emily KNIBBS Daur Female 5 Egham, Surrey, England
Ada KNIBBS Daur Male 3 Egham, Surrey, England
Mary KNIBBS Daur Female 1 Egham, Surrey, England

In 1891 we see Thomas, his wife and family at 1 Ham Lane, Egham, Surrey:
Thomas Knibbs Head 45 Herdsman Old Windsor, Berkshire
Mary A Knibbs Wife 47 Egham, Surrey
Emily Knibbs Daughter 15 Dressmakers Apprentice Egham, Surrey
Ada Knibbs Daughter 13 Scholar Egham, Surrey
Mary Knibbs Daughter 11 Scholar Egham, Surrey
Thomas Knibbs Son 9 Scholar Egham, Surrey
Eliza Knibbs Daughter 6 Scholar Egham, Surrey
Lizzie Knibbs Daughter 4 Egham, Surrey
James Knibbs Son 4 mnths Egham, Surrey

From the Windsor and Eton Express - 16 October 1897:
EGHAM AND THORPE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION, BARON De WORMS ON B1-METALLISM. The annual ploughing match in connection with the above Asecenation was held on Thursday week at Mrs. Roake's farm, at Englefield-green, and passed off very successfully. Since its establishment in 1857, the Society—of which H.R.H. the Prince of Wales is the patron—has undergone varying degrees of success. and it is pleasing to be able to note that the gathering under notice was exceedingly well supported and an unqualified success. Fifteen teams competed, and their work was performed in a manner which gave great satisfaction to the judges. There was a capital show of roots on the ground. and the entries in the corn classes were numerous, and of butter quality than usual. The soil was. perhaps, rather too light for the best results in the ploughing 'natal ; on the clover ley, however. the results were much better than on the stubble............
for long service gardens and allotments.Above 50 years of age:
T. Knibbs, age 50, service 30 years, Baron Schroder


From the Windsor and Eton Express - 29 July 1899:
The triennial meeting of the Prince Consort's Association, which was founded by the late Prince Consort for the purpose of improving artisans and labourers, was held in the Home Park on Saturday afternoon, in the brightest of weather, and again honoured, as in every year by the presence of royalty, namely, H.R.H Princess Christian representing her Majesty, who has always been an ardent patron of the Association......
.......Her Royal Highness then presented the money prizes and certificates. The latter were framed and glazed and bore a medallion portrait of the late Prince Albert, surrounded by a wreath, also the signature "Helena," her Royal Highness's name. The distribution was speedily disposed of, following which Mr. W. S. Darby, hon. sec. to the Berks Beekeeper.' Association, handed to her Royal Highness the prizes awarded in the beekeepers' competition, and which the Princess also presented. The following is the prize list :
To the labourer or artisan, or his wife, who under exceptional circumstances has brought up a family in honest, sober, and industrious habits, without parish relief, except in cases of sickness.—George Richard and Sophia Hyde. Eton. recommended by Mrs. Ralston: George and Tamar Warner. Eton. Miss Evans ; James and Esther Knight, Clewer, Rev. Canon Carter ; George and Caroline Elsbury.Clower, Sir F. T. Barry, Bart.. M.P.; Henry and Charlotte Merriman. Clewer, Mr. E. B. Foster, William Douglas, Old Windsor, Messrs. Dockland and Sons ; George and Helena Elliott, Egham, Roy. V. T. Nicholson ; Thomas and Mary A. Knibbs, Egham, Baron Schroder. Bart. ; Henry and Clara Brooks, Hatchet. Rev. Canon Thompson;

NOTE: Princes Christian was the 5th child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Sadly, I haven't yet been able to establish the exceptional circumstances that were referred to. We do know that Thomas worked for Baron Schroder, who recommended him for the award, as a Cowman.

We can see Thomas in 1901 still living at Egham, Surrey:
Thomas Knibbs 54 Old Windsor Berks Surrey Egham Agricultural Labourer
Emily Knibbs 25 Englefield Green Surrey Surrey Egham Dressmaker
Lizzie Knibbs 14 Englefield Green Surrey Surrey Egham School Teacher
James Knibbs 10 Englefield Green Surrey Surrey Egham

His wife Mary was staying at Old Windsor, maybe visiting relatives:
Mary Knibbs 56 Surrey Egham Berks Old Windsor

Thomas, his wife and daughter Annie appear in 1911, living at 1 Denalder Bishopsgate, Egham, Berkshire:
Thomas Knibbs Head Married M 64 Farm Labourer Domestic Old Windsor berks
Mary Ann Knibbs Wife Married F 67 Egham Surrey
Annie Knibbs Daughter Single F 38 Egham Surrey

They had 12 children in total but only 11 survived.

I learned from Thomas' granddaughter that he worked for Baron Schroeder (also spelt Schroder) at Dell Park, Windsor and his occupation was Cowman. Dell Park borders onto Windsor Great Park.

Thomas died aged 76.

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Notes for Mary Ann Maria FROUD:

Mary Ann died aged 67.

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Notes for Sarah KNIBBS:

Also known as: Sadie or Sal

I suspect it's this Sarah that we see in 1901, living at 27 Priory Road, Hampstead, London, Middlesex in the household of Harriet Gardner:
Harriet Gardner Head S 80 Living on Own Means London Stepney
Ann Gardner Sister 77 Living on Own Means London Stepney
Sarah Knibbs Servant S 25 Cook Domestic Surrey Englefield Green
Florence Parnell Servant 20 Housemaid Domestic Suffolk Shelverton

Again, in 1911, I believe it's probably this Sarah living at Ripsley House, Liphook, Hampshire in the service of William David Bosanquet:
William David Bosanquet Head 61 Married Retired Tea Planter Dingestow Monmouthshire
Elinor Joanna Bosanquet Wife 60 Married Bridgend Glamorgan
Mabel Eleanor Alexander Daughter 35 Married London
Simon Bruce Alexander Grandson 3 Colombo Ceylon
Richard Arthur Bosanquet T Brother 58 Married Banker Dingestow Monmouthshire
Ruth Rivers Bosanquet T Sister in Law 46 Married Calcutta India
Harriette Nina Mary Bosanquet T Neice 24 Single Timorn New Zealand
Sarah Knibbs Servant 36 Single Parlour Maid Domestic Englefield Green Surrey
Nora Chapman Servant 22 Single Ladiesmaid Domestic Linton Hereford
Susan Crabb Servant 38 Married Housemaid Domestic Bow London
Mary Ann Taylor Servant 36 Single Cook Domestic Holme Norfolk
Elizabeth Ireland Servant 18 Single Kitchenmaid Sherborne On Thorn Hants
Alice Violet Biggs Servant 23 Single Housemaid Paddington London
Rose Charlotte Silva Servant 21 Single Nurse Colombo Ceylon

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Notes for Ada Louisa KNIBBS:

From the Windsor and Eton Express - 19 July 1890:
What has been for some years a biennial, but is now to be a triennial exhibition of the above association was held in Home Park on Thursday this week under circumstances the reverse of pleasant, insomuch the principal ceremony, at which royalty was present, was marred by a very heavy downpour of rain.
The object of the Association, founded by the late Prince Consort still finds the warmest adherent in the person, her Majesty the Queen who takes the deepest interest in it's prosperity.
It's ojectives briefly are to improve the condition of labourers and others in the parishes and Districts of New Windsor, Holy Trunity, Clewer, Eton, Datchett, Old Windsor, Virginia Water, Sunningdale, and the way this objective is carried into effect is by giving rewards to labourers for bringing up their families in honest, sober, and industrial habits, to families distinguished for cleanliness and tidiness in home and person; to well conducted labourers and servants for long service; to young persons who have kept their first place for long periods; for cultivation of garden and allotments; for needlework, handicraft, vegetable, flowers, fruit, &c...............
...........Division E. - Knitting only
Bennett, Elisabeth Amelia (14), Windsor, Baby's Knitted Frock and Pair of White Knitted Gloves (Ist prize), 5s. Buxton, Emily (15), Egham, Knitted Frock (extra Ist) 5s . Knibbs, Ada (11), Englelleld Green, Pair Knitted Stockings (extra Ist prize), 5s. Prior Agnes ( 6), Egham, Knitted Vest (2nd Prize), 5s. Fowler Chrissie (13), Eton, Doll's Clothing (Knitted) (3rd prize) 4s. Hughes Rose (14), Windsor, Knitted Petticoat (extra 3rd prize) 4s..............

NOTE: 5 shillings in 1890 is the equivalent of approximately £25 in 2017.

Knibbs Ada Louisa of Cottenham House Wimbledon Surrewy spinster died 29 April 1935 at Torbay Hospital Torquay Administartion Carmarthen 8 June to Thomas Henry Knibbs caretaker Effects£298 13s. 5d

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Notes for Mary KNIBBS:

We can see Mary and her sister Eliza at the 1901 census living at Altwood Road, Bray,Berkshire:
Mary J Robson Head Wid 79 Living on Own Means London Marylebone
William J Robson Son UnM 44 Living on Own Means Staffs Shepstone
Caroline E Robson Daur 48 UnM Living on Own Means London Marylebone
Laura L M Robson Daur UnM 46 Living on Own Means Staffs Shepstone
Evelyn L Robson Daur UnM 38 Living on Own Means Staffs Shepstone
Annie Hancock Servant UnM 32 Cook Domestic German Subject
Jane A Gibbs Servant UnM 36 Ladies Maide Domestic Surrey Lingfield
Mary I Looker Servant UnM 23 Parlourmaid Domestic Berks Shottesbrook
Mary Knibbs Servant UnM 21 Housemaid Domestic Surrey Englefield Green
Eliza Knibbs Servant 17 UnM Housemaid DomesticSurrey Englefield Green

I suspect it's probably Mary again in 1911, living and working at 19 Curzon St, Hanover Square, London:
Amy Virginia Brobourne Head 51 Widow London
Bettina Henrietta Knatchball Hugesson Daughter 22 Single London
Lily Overett Servant 27 Single Cook Domestic Hampshire
Mary Knibbs Servant 30 Single Housemaid Domestic Englefield Green
Alice Gordon Servant 23 Single Housemaid Domestic Uxbridge
Gladis Foster Servant 21 Single Housemaid Domestic London Kentish Town
Alice Sink Servant 24 Single Kitchenmaid Domestic Kingston
Alfred Hatton Servant 21 Single Footman Domestic London Blackfriars
John Lane Servant 25 Single Butler Domestic London Westminster

Knibbs Mary of 23 Carlyle-square Chelsea London S.W.3 spinster died 19 Febriary 1938 at 1F Montague Mansions St. Marylebone London W.1 Administration (with Will) Carmarthen 6 May to Thomas Henry Knibbs caretaker and Lizzie Watson (wife of William Watson) Effects £190 11s. 8d.

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Notes for James KNIBBS:

In 1911, James was living and working at Eastwood, Falfield, Gloucestershire:
George Banks Jenkinson Head Mar 30 Baronet J.P. Wilton Northamptonshire
Madeline Jenkinson Wife Mar 49 London
Georgina Jenkinson Daur 11 Eastwood Falfielkd
James Knibbs Servant UnM 20 Footman Surrey

James was just one of 14 servants.

Note: George Banks Jenkinson (1851-1915) was the 12th Baronet of Walcot and Hawkesbury. He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the 4th Battalion, Glocestershire Regiment. He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) of Gloucestershire. He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Gloucestershire. He succeeded to the title of 12th Baronet Jenkinson, of Walcot, co. Oxford and Hawkesbury, co. Gloucester on 19 January 1892.

On 8 March 1919, James enlisted for service in the Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment, aged 28 years and 3 months.

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Notes for Joseph KNIBBS:

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