Edward KNIBBS, son of Thomas KNIBBS and Elizabeth SANDERS , was born bef. 16 October 1801 in Neithrop, Oxfordshire, England. He married Fanny BERRY 16 October 1830 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. He died UNKNOWN. Fanny BERRY was born abt. 1812 in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Edward KNIBBS and Fanny BERRY are:
1. Caroline KNIBBS, b. bef. 01 April 1836 See Joseph BALL & Caroline KNIBBS
2. Anne KNIBBS, b. bef. 23 September 1831
3. Harriet KNIBBS, b. bef. 16 January 1833 See George FORD & Harriet KNIBBS
4. Fanny KNIBBS, b. bef. 10 October 1834 See ? & Fanny KNIBBS
5. Henry KNIBBS, b. bef. 29 March 1839 See Henry KNIBBS & Rosannah DIMMICK
6. Elizabeth KNIBBS, b. 1842 See William LOWKE & Elizabeth KNIBBS OR William KEEN & Elizabeth KNIBBS
7. Helen KNIBBS, b. 17 March 1849 See ? & Helen KNIBBS
8. Emma KNIBBS, b. 1848 See Henry LEWIN & Emma KNIBBS
9. Mary KNIBBS, b. abt. 1840 See Thomas SUTTON & Mary KNIBBS
10. Sarah KNIBBS, b. 1846 See John HEMSLEY & Sarah KNIBBS
11. Thomas KNIBBS, b. 1844
12. James KNIBBS, b. 24 November 1851 See James KNIBBS & Mary UNKNOWN
13. Louisa KNIBBS, b. 29 January 1857

Marriage Notes for Edward KNIBBS\Fanny BERRY:

Witnesses to the marriage were George Beere and Ann Knibbs, possibly Edward's younger sister.

Fanny and Edward were listed as of the Banbury parish.

Notes for Edward KNIBBS:

We can see Edward Knibbs living at Waterside, Stratford on Avon in 1841:
Edward Knibbs 35 Boatman
Fanny Knibbs 25
Ann Knibbs 9
Harriet Knibbs 8
Fanny Knibbs 6
Caroline Knibbs 5
Henry Knibbs 3
Mary Knibbs 1

Identified in the 1851 census for Warwickshire as living at Polesworth, Birmingham, Warwickshire with 7 of their children.
Edward KnibbsHead Mar 47 Boat Man Oxon Banbury
Fanny Knibbs Wife Mar 39 Oxon Eynsham
Fanny Knibbs Daur UnM 16 Oxon Banburyf
Mary Knibbs Daur 11 Oxon Banbury
Elizabeth Knibbs Daur 9 Warwick Stratford on Avon
Thos.Knibbs Son 7 Scholar Warwick Stratford on Avon
Sarah Knibbs Daur 5 Warwick Bedworth
Emma Knibbs Daur 3 Warwick Bilston
Ellen Knibbs Daur 2 Warwick Polesworth

Edward can also be seen at the 1861 census with his wife and younger children:
Edward Knibbs Head Mar 59 Boat Man Builder Oxford Banbury
Fanny Knibbs Wife Mar 49 Oxon Eytnsham
Sarah Knibbs Daur Un 14 Warwick Bedworth
Emma Knibbs Daur 12 Stafford Bilston
Ellen Knibbs Daur 10 Warwick Polesworth
James Knibbs Son 8 Warwick Polesworth
Louisia Knibbs Daur 4 Warwick Polesworth

We can see Edward in 1871 as an in-patient at the County Lunatic Asylum, Hatton, Warwickshire:
Edward Knibbs Patient Widr 70 Atherston Union Lunatic

Edward was identified as a widower but we know that he wasn't as his family was living at Grendon Road, Polewsorth, Warwickshire.
Fanny Knibbs Head Mar 60 Boatmans Wife Oxford Ensham
Ellen Knibbs Daur UnM 22 Warwickshire Polesworth
Louisa Knibbs Daur UnM 15 Warwickshire Polewsorth
Mary Ann Ford Visitor 7 Warwickshire Polewsorth

I'm not sure who Mary Ann Ford was, but she was quite possibly related to the family of Edward and Fanny's daughter, Harriet as she married a man named George Ford.

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Notes for Fanny BERRY:

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Notes for Anne KNIBBS:

In 1881, we see Ann living with her brother-in-law Henry Lewin and her sister Emma, at 8 Court Far Gosford Street, Coventry, Warwickshire:
Henry Lewin Head Mar 36 Silk Dyer Coventry
Emma Kewin Wife Mar 33 Laundress Benidley Staffordshire
Edwin Lewin Son 7 Scholar Coventry
Ann Knibbs Sister Mar 49 Laundress Oxfordshire

The census identifies her as being married, but still using the name Knibbs.

In 1891 Ann was back living with her brother-in-law and sister at Court 5, Far Gosford Street, Coventry:
Harry Lewin Head Mar 57 Silk Dyer Warwick Coventry
Emma Lewin Wife Mar 54 Warwick Coventry
Ann Wright Sister-in-Law 72 Warwick Coventry
George Fletcher Nephew Mar 33 Ironmonger Warwick Coventry

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Notes for Thomas KNIBBS:

We can see Thomas in 1871, unmarried and living on the boat of his broither James on the Coventry Canal at Exhall, Warwickshire:
James Knibbs Head UnM 19 Master Boatman Polesworth Worcestershire
Henry Ford Serv UnM 13 Mate Polesworth, Worcestershire
Thomas Knibbs Serv UnM 27 Master Boatman Stratford on Avon Warwickshire
William Bentley Serv UnM 15 Mate Exhall Warwickshire

Henry Ford was the oldest son of Thomas' sister Harriet Knibbs who married George Ford. Harriet was living on the adjacent boat at the time of the census.
James Knibbs was Thomas' brother.

Thomas died aged 36.

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Notes for Louisa KNIBBS:

See Louisa's Birth Certificate

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