John KNIBBS, son of George KNIBBS and Ann Maria WILLIAMS , was born 10 October 1886 in Egham, Surrey, England. He married Marjorie KEEN 06 August 1917 in Egham, Surrey, England. He died 07 May 1951 in Englefield Green, Surrey, England. Marjorie KEEN was born 31 May 1890 in Umballa, Bengal, India. She died bet. January and March, 1971 in Surrey North, Surrey, England.

Children of John KNIBBS and Marjorie KEEN are:
1. Arthur John KNIBBS, b. bet. January and March, 1920
2. Charles Eric KNIBBS, b. 13 April 1921 See Charles Eric KNIBBS & Florence SUTCLIFFE

Marriage Notes for John KNIBBS\Marjorie KEEN:

Marriages at St Matthew the Apostle n the Parish of Burnley
Marriages recorded in the Register for 1945 - 1958

Marriage: 16 Sep 1946 St Matthew the Apostle, Habergham Eaves, Lancs.
Eric Knibbs - 25 years, Motor Engineer, Bachelor, 69 Pooley Green Road, Egham, Surrey
Florence Sutcliffe - 24 years, Clerk, Spinster, 11 Carlton Road, Burnley
Groom's Father: Arthur Knibbs, Omnibus Driver
Bride's Father: Frederick Sutcliffe, Deceased, Grocer
Witness: Arthur Knibbs; Gertrude Heap
Married by Banns by: Frederick Jones, Vicar
Register: Marriages 1945 - 1958, Page 23, Entry 45
Source: Original Parish Register

See John and Marjorie's Marriage Certificate

Notes for John KNIBBS:

We can see from his military service records that John served in France during WWI.

From the Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette - 16 August 1935:
Failed to Report an Accident
John Knibbs, a bus driver, of Egham, was summoned for failing to report an accident at Langley. Mr. E. Forrester, of Hampshire-avenue, Slough, said he was riding his motor-cycle on the London-road, and defendant pulled out and caused a collision in which witness was injured. Sergt. Woods, of the Metropolitan Police, said lie saw Knibbs and cautioned him. Defendant said that after the collision a man told him he would take particulars, and he did so. He then reported the accident to his superiors, and be thought that they would communicate with the police. The Bench fined him 10s. and 11s. 2d. costs.


We see John, Marjorie and son Charles living at 69 Pooley Green Road, Egham, Surrey, at the time of the 1939 Register.

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Notes for Marjorie KEEN:

Marjorie was the daughter of Richard Keen and his wife Mary Caroline (Holloway) Keen. They married during q3/1883 at Woolwich District, Kent.

In 1901, Marjorie was living at 22 Middle Hill, Egham, Surrey:
Richard Keen Head Mar 42 Labourer (Builders) Suffolk Barham
Mary ? Keen Wife Mar 41 Berks Wraysbury
Eveline F Keen Daur 13 Kent Woolwich
Marjorie Keen Daur 10 India
Arthur Keen Son 6 London St Johns Wood

In 1911, she was living at Larksfield, Englefield Green, Surrey:
Richard Albert Notley Head Mar 70 Retired Surveyor Clapham Surrey
Emily Notley Wife Mar 54 Brixton Surrey
Mabel Emily Notley Daur 33 UnM Egham Surrey
Albert Carr Notley Son 32 Architect UnM Egham Surrey
Violet Mary Notley Daur 30 UnM Egham Surrey
Louisa Stevens Servant 53 UnM Farringdon Berks
Annie Lydia Miles Servant 28 UnM Englefield Green Surrey
Marjorie Keen Servant 25 UnM Umballa India

Marjorie's mother, Mary, was living at 22 Middle Hill, Englefield Green, Surrey:
Mary Keen Head Wid 52 Wraysbury
Daisy Seagrief niece 17 UnM Shop Assistant Crouch End
Arthur Keen Son 16 UnM Bootmakers Assistant St Jophns Wood

Mary and her husband had 6 children in total, but two died in childhood.

Marjorie married John Knibbs in 1917.

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Notes for Arthur John KNIBBS:

Inquest on Egham driver whose car somersaulted.
A crash on the main Staines-London road at its junction with the Great South West Road and Clock House Lane, Bedfont, last Wednesday evening resulted, as briefly recorded in our last issue, in the death of Mr. Arthur John Knibbs, of 69 Pooley Green Road, Birmingham, whose car, being driven towards Staines, was involved in collision with another car, driven by Mr. Leslie Harrison, of Ashford, and proceeding from Clock House Lane towards the Great South West Road.
Mr. Knibbs aged 33, sustained multiple injuries and died in Ashford County Hospital the same evening.
The inquest was opened at York House, Twickenham|, on Friday morning and resumed at Eailing Town Hall on Monday. Mr. H. G. Broadbridge was the Coroner.
Charles Eric Knibbs, of 3 Langton Way, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, identified the body of his brother, a service engineer, and said he was a healthy man, with good hearing and eyesight. He had driven a car for the past eight years and he had possessed the car he was driving on August 19 - an M.G. tourer - for three years.
James Freeman Day, of 68 Tollington Road, Ruislip, a scenic painter, said he was driving his car along Clock House Lane towards the Staines Road, following a Vauxhall saloon. Their speed was between 25 and 30 MPH. and witness slowed down at the road junction. To his amazement the Vauxhall did not stop. An M.G. car was at the end of a stream of traffic on the main road and had come out of the Great South-West Road. The Vauxhall was edging out.
“I think there should be a 'halt' sign there and not a ‘slow’. Anyone in their right mind with a main road in front would stop'' added witness.
Turned Over Twice.
Describing the collision, Mr. Day said the front of the Vauxhall struck the nearside rear wheel of the M.G. and pulled up on the other side of the road by the garage. The M.G. turned round slightly and then turned over twice. The M.G.'s speed had been no more than 30-35 m.p.h.
Replying to questions, witness said the driver of the Vauxhall gave no indication of where he was going on leaving Clock House Lane; witness formed the opinion that he was going across.
Harry Vaughan, of 4 Rectory Road, Hounslow, a passenger in Mr. Day's car said he was sitting beside the driver and they were stationary in Clock House Lane when the collision occurred. A car in front and to the right of them also stopped for a few seconds, and then moved forward: The M.G. car came out of the Great South-West Road, and when it reached the crown of the main road the car in front of them shot forward and the front of it struck the M.G. on the rear nearside wheel, turning it broadside on. It then turned two complete somersaults and landed upside down on the road.
George Carr, of 376 Jersey Road, Osterley, another passenger in the car, occupying a rear seat, also said both cars were stationary in Clock House Lane waiting for the traffic moving from the Great South-West Road, from the direction of London. He saw a red M.G. car come from the Great South-West Road at a speed of about 30 to 35 MPH. and when it was nearly opposite Clock House Lane the Vauxhall proceeded out. Witness thought the driver was not giving the red car much time. Then the Vauxhall hit the M.G. on the near-side rear wheel.
Appeared to Slow Down.
Robert Garrett, of 6 Coolgardie Road, Ashford a draughtsman, said he was driving his car along the Great South-West Road towards the road junction when the collision occurred. When he first…………stationary in the mouth of Clock House Lane. Then he saw that the Vauxhall had moved and that there had been a collision. He did not see the impact because he was watching an overtaking vehicle. He saw no other traffic immediately in front of the M.G.
P.C. Williams, of Staines, said the deceased had been removed by ambulance to Ashford Hospital when he reached the scene. He saw a Vauxhall car which had sustained damage on the front and nearside. The bumper bar was broken off and the radiator had been pushed back. The M.G. car had been righted to release the injured driver. This car was considerably damaged.
Witness spoke to the Vauxhall driver, Mr. Harrison, who said “I was travelling along Clock House Lane and slowed down at the junction. I looked both ways and saw there was sufficient time to drive out and was half-way over the road when I saw a flash of red from my right and saw a sports car in front of me, just before we hit'”
Walking Pace.
Leslie Harrison, of 287 Staines Road West, Ashford, said he was intending to cross over from Clock
House Lane to the Great South-West Road. He was alone in the car. When he reached the end of Clock House Lane he slowed down to walking pace; he did not actually stop. A long line of traffic was going towards Staines from the Great North-West Road and there was traffic coming from the direction of Staines, but it was a long way off. He then saw several cyclists riding towards Staines from the direction of Hounslow and witness was then about to stop altogether, but one of the cyclists gave an indication that they were turning into Clock House Lane. He then saw the road was clear on the right and after looking towards Staines again, he saw there was nothing in front of him on the Great South-West Road, so he proceeded across at about eight or nine miles an hour.
Half-way across the impact occurred. He did not know of his own knowledge where the M.G. came from but he knew it was not from the Great South-West Road.
The Coroner: Why did you not see the M.G.. on the Staines Road?
Witness: Either I was unsighted by the cyclists, or it came so fast that it was out of my vision when I started to move across When I looked it was not in sight otherwise I would not have attempted to go across.
Witness added, in reply to questions, that he had been driving every day for 29 years and this was his first accident - he had never before touched another car. He had also never been convicted for any motoring offence. '
Dr. J. Gillies, of Ashford Hospital, said the deceased was admitted at 5.45 p.m. on August 19. He was semi-conscious and bore abrasions and an injury over the eye. There was no outward sign of abdominal injury. He was in a very shocked condition and remained so until he died at 7 p.m.
Dr. Ronald Teare, pathologist, said death was due to shock and hemorrhage from laceration of the……


Knibbs Arthur John of 69 Pooley Green-road Egham Surrey died 19 August 1953 at Ashford Hospital Stan well Staines Middlesex Administration London 15 October to Margery Knibbs widow. Effects £705.

Note: Margery above is his Mother, not a wife.

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