Henry KNIBBS, son of Charles KNIBBS and Mary Ann BROWN , was born abt. 1864 in Eton, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Margaret BRION bet. January and March, 1882 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. He died bet. January and March, 1932 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. Margaret BRION was born bet. July and September, 1860 in Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Henry KNIBBS and Margaret BRION are:
1. Victor Charles KNIBBS, b. 08 January 1887 See Victor Charles KNIBBS & Ellen Elizabeth LEE
2. Henry Lewis KNIBBS, b. 24 January 1889 See Henry Lewis KNIBBS & Ellen Elizabeth Victoria ATTRYDE
3. Victoria Margaret KNIBBS, b. 11 October 1892 See Sydney Hillier Goodland SHELFORD & Victoria Margaret KNIBBS
4. Blanch Lilian KNIBBS, b. bet. October and December, 1894 See James Arthur JORDAN & Blanch Lilian KNIBBS
5. Maurice Theodore KNIBBS, b. 02 September 1896 See Maurice Theodore KNIBBS & Margaret FREEMAN
6. Leopold Brian KNIBBS, b. 07 May 1900 See Leopold Brian KNIBBS & Margaret Lilian ROBSON
7. Beatrice Louisa KNIBBS, b. bet. October and December, 1882 See John BARKER & Beatrice Louisa KNIBBS
8. Albert Henry KNIBBS, b. bet. October and December, 1884
9. Leah Violet KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1885
10. Oliver Leonard KNIBBS, b. bet. August and September, 1891
11. Vivian Marcus KNIBBS, b. 12 June 1903 See Vivian Marcus KNIBBS & Alma Rose GARLAND
12. Mercia Agnes G KNIBBS, b. 28 November 1905 See Reginald Frederick BULGER & Mercia Agnes G KNIBBS

Notes for Henry KNIBBS:

We see Henry Knibbs in 1881 living at 2 Stonedale Terr., Richmond, Surrey, England with an aunt and uncle on his mother's side:
William BROWN Head M Male 30 Eton, Berkshire, England Bricklayer
Annie BROWN Wife M Female 26 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Henry KNIBBS Nephew U Male 18 Eton, Berkshire, England Painter

In 1891, we see Henry living at 4 Tangier Lane, Eton, Buckinghamshire:
Henry Knibbs Head Mar 27 Jobbing Bricklayer Bucks Eton
Margaret Knibbs Wife Mar 27 Bucks Chalvey
Beatriuce L Knibbs Daur 8 Scholar Bucks Eton
Victor C Knibbs Son Scholar 4 Bucks Eton
Henry L Knibbs Son 2 London Moile End

Then in 1901, we se him married and with 6 children, living at Clewer Without, Berkshire:
Henry Knibbs 38 Bucks Eton Berks Clewer Without General Labourer
Margaret Knibbs 38 Bucks Chalvey Berks Clewer Without Charwoman
Victor Knibbs 14 Bucks Eton Berks Clewer Without Grocers Porter
Henry Knibbs 12 London Mile End Berks Clewer Without Scholar
Victoria Knibbs 8 Bucks Eton Berks Clewer Without Scholar
Blanche Knibbs 6 Berks Windsor Berks Clewer Without Scholar
Maurice Knibbs 4 Berks Windsor Berks Clewer Without Scholar
Leopold Knibbs 10M Berks Clewer Berks Clewer Without

We see Henry and his family in 1911, living at 2 Vidler Cottages, Clewer Village, Windsor, Berkshire, England:
Henry Knibbs Head Married M 47 General Labourer Eton Bucks
Margaret Knibbs Wife Married (28 years) F 47 Chantry Bucks
Maurice Theodore Knibbs Son Single M 14 House Painters Labourer Windsor Berks
Leopold Brion Knibbs Son Single M 10 School Clewer Bucks
Vivian Marcus Knibbs Son Single M 7 School Clewer Bucks
Mercia Agnes Knibbs Daughter F 5 School Clewer Bucks

Maurice and Margaret had been married for 28 years. In total they'd had 13 children but 4 died in infancy.

Henry enlisted in 3rd Battalion Royal Berkshire Regimentwhich (a Territorial Regiment) in Jun 1915, but was medically diuscharged in January 1916 due to chronic glaucoma. He was considered no longer physically fit for war service. An operation was recommended but he declined.

I'm pretty sure it was this Henry who died in 1932 at Windsor District, although the GRO gives him as aged 70 when he died.

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Notes for Margaret BRION:

We see Margaret's parents in 1851, living at Eton Court, Eton Buckinghamhsire:
Henry Brion Head Mar 50 Cordwainer Bucks Eton
Mary Brion Wife Mar 30 Bucks Chalvey
John Brion Son 1 Berks Windsor
John Gray Father-in-Law Widr 63 Sawyer Bucks Chalvey

We first see Margaret in 1861, living at 92 Cape of Good Hope, Upton Cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire:
Henry Brion Head Mar 60 Cord Wainer Bucks Eton
Mary Brion Wife Mar 40 Laundress Bucks Chalvey
John Brion Son 11 Berks Windsor
Henry Brion Son 9 Bucks Eton
Sarah Brion Daur 8 Bucks Eton
Maria Brion Daur 5 Berks Windsor
Elizabeth Brion Daur 3 Berks Windsor
Maragaret Brion Daur 10m Bucks Chalvey

In 1871, we see Maragret, her parents and a sister living at the Windsor Workhouse, Berkshire:
Henry Brion Pauper Mar 70 Cordwainer Eton Bucks
Mary his wife Pauper Mar 48 Laundress Chalvey Bucks
Elizabeth his daughter Pauper 13 Scholar Windsor Berks
Margaret his daughter Pauper 10 Scholar Chalvey Bucks

Mary married Henry Knibbs in 1882.

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Notes for Albert Henry KNIBBS:

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