George William ABLETT was born bet. April and June, 1875 in Hull, Yorkshire, England. He married Ann KNIBBS bet. October and December, 1893 in Sculcoates, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England. He died bet. July and September, 1933 in Hull District, Yorkshire, England. Ann KNIBBS, daughter of Henry KNIBBS and Mary PICKET , was born bet. April and June, 1876 in Hull, Yorkshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of George William ABLETT and Ann KNIBBS are:
1. Ethel ABLETT, b. bet. April and June, 1896
2. George ABLETT, b. bet. January and March, 1915

Marriage Notes for George William ABLETT\Ann KNIBBS:

Ann married using the name Sarah Ann Knibbs. FreeBMD says they married at St Marks, but doesn't say what town.

Notes for George William ABLETT:

In 1881, we can see George as a child living at 28 New Parade , Sutton & Stoneferry, York, England:
Thomas ABLETT Head M Male 33 Patrington, York, England Stoker Gas House Works
Sarah J. ABLETT Wife M Female 33 Keyingham, York, England
Charles ABLETT Son Male 13 Keyingham, York, England Wheel Turner & (Ropery)
Arthur ABLETT Son Male 12 Hessle, York, England Scholar
Thomas ABLETT Son Male 9 Hull, York, England Scholar
Joseph ABLETT Son Male 7 Hull, York, England Scholar
George ABLETT Son Male 5 Hull, York, England
Robert ABLETT Son Male 3 Hull, York, England
Sarah J. ABLETT Daur Female 1 Hull, York, England

In 1891, they were living at 8 Simon Terrace, Sculcoates, Yorkshire:
Thomas Ablett Head Mar 43 Gas Stoker Yorks Patrington
Sarah J Ablett Wife Mar 43 Yorks Kayingham
Arthur Ablett Son 22 Labourer Yorks Hessle
Thomas Ablett Son 10 Labourer Yorks Hull
George Ablett Son 15 Scholar Yorks Hull
Robert Ablett 13 Scholar Yorks Hull
Sarah J Ablett 11 Scholar Yorks Hull
Mary C Ablett Daur 6 Scholar Yorks Hull
John M Ablett Son 5 Scholar Yorks Hull
Albert W Ablett Son Yorks Hull

George married Ann Knibbs in 1893.

We see George and his family in 1901 living at 9 Richard Terrace Kent Street, Sculcoates, Kingston-upon-Hull. Also living with them were his sister and mother-in-law:
George Ablett Head M 25 Dock Labourer Hull Yorkshire
Sarah A Ablett Wife M 25 Hull Yorkshire
Ethel Ablett Daur S 4 Hull Yorkshire
Mary Knibbs M-in-Law W 61 Dublin Dublin
Sarah J Ablett Sister S 21 Confectioners Assistant Hull Yorkshire

In 1911, we see George living at 10 Welton Terrace, Courtney St, Sculcoates, Yorkshire:
George Ablett Head 35 Married General Labourer Hull Yorkshire
Sarah Ann Ablett 34 Married (17 years) Hull Yorkshire
Ethel Ablett Daughter 14 Tin Worker Hull Yorkshire

Ann had 4 children before 1911, but only Ethel survived.

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Notes for Ann KNIBBS:

Also known as: Anna and Sarah Ann

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Notes for Ethel ABLETT:

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