George BRYAN was born abt. 1814 in St Lukes, London, Middlesex, England. He died 11 December 1884 in Mile End District, London, Middlesex, England. Frances KNIBBS, daughter of Joseph KNIBBS and Mary Ann LILLY , was born bet. April and June, 1846 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of George BRYAN and Frances KNIBBS are:
1. Richard KNIBBS, b. 05 September 1869 See Richard KNIBBS & Sarah Agnes LAWS
2. George KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1869
3. Charlotte Fanny KNIBBS, b. 04 April 1871 See John WEBSTER & Charlotte Fanny KNIBBS
4. James Henry KNIBBS, b. 06 December 1874 See James Henry KNIBBS & Alice Sarah GAY OR James Henry KNIBBS & Eleanor Sarah SNELLING OR James Henry KNIBBS & Violet Amelia BROWN
5. Mary Ann BRYAN, b. abt. 1874
6. Elizabeth BRYAN, b. abt. 1877
7. Jemima KNIBBS, b. 20 August 1866 See Thomas Joseph JOYCE & Jemima KNIBBS
8. Frances KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1865

Marriage Notes for George BRYAN\Frances KNIBBS:

There's no sign of any marriage between Frances 'Fanny' Knibbs to George Bryan, so I suspect that they didn't ever marry. My theory is that Richard, George, Charlotte and James were all born as Knibbs, and probably before Charles appeared on the scene (hence his uncertainty about their ages). Either the enumerator found it all too confusing and got it wrong, or maybe George or whoever he spoke to wasn't that helpful.

Other Marriages/Unions for Frances KNIBBS:
See James SMITH & Frances KNIBBS

Notes for George BRYAN:

We can see the following family in 1881 living at 13 Salisbury St., London, Middlesex, England. It's very very confusing due to the ages either given at the time or transcribed incorrectly at a later date. But - I believe it helps to identify where Fanny Bryan (nee Knibbs) fits into this part of the Knibbs family. I also suspect that Jemima Knibbs' age is wrongly transcribed and she is in fact the sister of Fanny, and not George as indicated. If so, Jemima would have been 38 years old at the time of the census.
George BRYAN Head M Male 50 St Lukes, Middlesex, England File Cutter
Fanny BRYAN Wife M Female 48 Windsor
Richard BRYAN Son Male 18 Mile End, Middlesex, Engla
George BRYAN Son Male 16 Mile End, Middlesex, Engla
Charlotte BRYAN Daur Female 14 Mile End, Middlesex, England James BRYAN Son Male 11 Mile End, Middlesex, England
Mary Ann BRYAN Daur Female 7 Mile End, Middlesex, England Elizabeth BRYAN Daur Female 3 Mile End, Middlesex, England Jemima KNIBBS Sister U Female 18 Windsor

There was also a daughter named Jemima born in around 1867. She is recorded as living with her aunt Mary Ann Phillips at the time of the census.

Strangely, I can see no sign of the births of either Richard, George, Charlotte, or James BRYAN to coincide with the ages or place of birth given in the 1881 census return. But - there's a Richard (b.1869), George (b.1869), Charlotte Fanny (b.1871) and a James Henry (b.1875 - ALL registered as KNIBBS but 4-5 years later than the years calculated from the 1881 census returns.

In a nutshell, they're submission to the census retunr is very confusing both with ages and names.

Apparently, F Knibbs (Fanny?)of the same address above (13, Salisbury St., London) was the informant when George died. His death certificate indicates he was born in 1814, so his age as given at the 1881 census is nowhere near correct. FreeBMD also has him as aged 70 when he died in 1884.

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Notes for Frances KNIBBS:

In 1851, we can see Frances and 6 of her siblings at the Windsor Union Workhouse, Old Windsor.
Joseph Knibbs Pauper 15 Plasterer Hawke Boy Surrey Egham
John Knibbs Pauper 13 Shepherd Boy Surrey Bishopsgate Egham
Mary Ann Knibbs Pauper 8 Surrey Bishopsgate Egham
Sarah Knibbs Pauper 6 Surrey Bishopsgate Egham
Emily Knibbs Pauper 2 Surrey Bishopsgate Egham
Jemima Knibbs Pauper 4 Deserted Surrey Bishopsgate Egham
Frances Knibbs Pauper 3 Deserted Surrey Bishopsgate Egham

We see Frances again in 1901, living at 9 Cook Street, Bromley:
Frances Bryan Head Widow 53 Berks Old Windsor
Mary A Bryan Daur S 23 Tan Carrier Lead Works London Limehouse
Elizabeth Bryan Daur S 21 Matchmaker London Limehouse
Joseph Bryan Son 13 Boiler Scaler Harb London Limehouse
Mary A Bryan Grand Daughter 4 London Bow

It's noted that Frances seems to have reverted to using the surname of her previous partner.

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Notes for George KNIBBS:

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Notes for Mary Ann BRYAN:

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Notes for Elizabeth BRYAN:

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Notes for Frances KNIBBS:

Frances died aged 2.

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