Henry KNIBBS, son of James KNIBBS and Sarah NEAL , was born bef. 13 December 1809 in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, England. He married Ann CROXFORD 28 November 1833 in Henley, Shropshire, England. He died bef. 22 November 1875 in Chipping Norton District, Oxfordshire, England. Ann CROXFORD was born 1810 in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England. She died 06 December 1889 in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, England.

Children of Henry KNIBBS and Ann CROXFORD are:
1. Jane Victoria KNIBBS, b. June 1837 See Samuel John NASH & Jane Victoria KNIBBS
2. John Edward KNIBBS, b. bef. 27 July 1836 See John Edward KNIBBS & Frances COLLINS
3. Caroline KNIBBS, b. bet. July and September, 1840
4. Mary Ann KNIBBS, b. bef. 18 October 1843
5. Frances Sarah KNIBBS, b. bef. 17 March 1847

Notes for Henry KNIBBS:

Henry is listed in Pigot's 1830 Directory (Page 642 for Charlbury, Neat Enstone and Spelsbury) under Shopkeepers & Traders as a saddler & harness maker.

We see Henry in 1841living at Charlbury:
Henry Knibbs 30
Ann Knibbs 31
John Knibbs 4
Jane Knibbs 2
Caroline 8 months

We see Henry and his family in 1851 living in the parish of Charlbury & Walcot:
Henry Knibbs Head 41 Saddle & Harness Maker Oxon, Charlbury
Anne Knibbs Wife 41 Saddlers Wife Bucks, Great Marlow
John E Knibbs Son 14 Scholar Oxon, Charlbury
Jane V Knibbs Dau 11 Scholar Oxon, Charlbury
Marianne Knibbs Dau 7 Scholar Oxon, Charlbury
Frances S Knibbs Dau 4 Scholar Oxon, Charlbury

Henry, his wife Ann and youngest daughter Frances can be seen in the 1861 census for Oxfordshire & North Berkshire, living at Charlbury Oxfordshire.
Henry Knibbs Head Mar 50 Harnessmaker Oxon Charlbury
Ann Knibbs Wife Mar 51 Bucks Gt. Marlow
Frances S Knibbs Daur 14 Scholar Oxon Charlbury

Then again in 1871:
Henry Knibbs Head Mar 60 Sadler Oxon Charlbury
Anne Knibbs Wife Mar 62 Oxon Henley on Thames
Ebenezer E Marrolt Nephew Un 15 Apprentice Oxon Stonesfield

Henry was the last of his particular line in the UK. Three of his children (John Edward, Jane Victoria and Frances Sarah) emigrated to South Africa, and his other two daughters died.

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Notes for Ann CROXFORD:

Also known as: Mary

The birth and death dates for Ann (or Mary as she was otherwise known) are in part, speculation. We know that her husband Henry died in 1875, and that her son John Edward, together with her two remaining daughters Frances Sarah and Jane Victoria, emigrated to South Africa between 1879 and 1883.

There appears to have been just the one Henry in Charlbury at about this time and there is a record of Henry KNIBBS from Charlbury marrying Ann CROXFORD in Henley on 28 Nov 1833. There is the belief that Ann was also called Mary. The daughter Caroline was listed at baptism as the daughter of Henry and Ann Knibbs whilst the other children were listed as of Henry and Mary.

In the 1881 census, Ann aged 73, is listed as a widow saddler born in Marlow, Bucks, living in Market Street, Charlbury.
Ann Knibbs Head W Female 73 Marlow Buckingham England Sadler
Ebenezer E Barrett Nephew U Male 26 Stonesfield Oxford England Journeyman Sadler

From the Oxford Times, Saturday 14 December 1889:
KNIBBS.—December 6, Market-street, Charlbury. Ann. widow of the late Henry Knibbs, saddler, aged 83 years.

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Notes for Caroline KNIBBS:

Registered as born to Henry & Anne. Believed to be a registry error.

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Notes for Mary Ann KNIBBS:

Mary can be seen at the 1861 census, working as a servant at The Rectory in Mursley, Buckinghamshire, England. Sadly she must have died fairly soon after the census was taken:
Rev John Cross Head Mar 33 Rector of Mursley Bucks Winslow
Ann M Cross Wife M 34 Wiife of Rector of Myrsely Middlesex London
Josephine A Cross Daur 7 Yorkshire Wakefield
William G H Cross Son 10 months Oxon Charlbury
Mary A Knibbs Servant UnM 17 Nurse Maid Oxon Charlbury
Ann Boddington Servant UnM 22 Parlour Maid Oxon Flinstock

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Notes for Frances Sarah KNIBBS:

In 1871, we see Franvces living at Aldershot, Hampshire:
Richard H Jelt Head Mar 27 Oxfordshire
Ellen Millett Servant 33 Nantwich Cheshire
Francis S Knibbs Servant 24 Charlbury Oxfordshire

We see Frances in 1891, living at Kensington Palace, Kensington Grove, Westminster, London, England:
Graham W Green Head Married M 64 Chaplin to the Queen St Margarets Middlesex
Laura M L Green Wife Married F 58 Bath Somerset
Frances S Knibbs Servant Single F 44 Domestic Charlbury Oxfordshire
Caroline A Hearne Servant Single F 25 Domestic Fontwell Dorsetshire
Susanna R Edwards Servant Dingle F 26 Domestic Charlbury Oxfordshire

From what I've read, I believe Kensington Palace was in a state of disrepair in the 1880's and 90's. The last reigning monarch to use Kensington Palace was George II and he actually died in the palace in 1760. After that time it was only ever used for minor royalty including the young daughter of the Duke of Kent who was living in the Palace with her widowed mother when she was told of her accession to the throne as Queen Victoria. Queen Victortia was born in Kensington Palace. Queen Mary (grandmother of the present Queen) was born at Kensington Palace in 1867 whilst her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Teck, were living there.
Throughout the 19th century, the State Apartments were sadly neglected. They were used as stores for various paintings and furnishings from other palaces. In 1897, Parliament was persuaded to pay for the restoration of the State Apartments on condition that they should be opened to the public.

I believe it maybe this Frances we see in 1911, living with cousins at 77 Elizabeth Terrace, Herne Grove, E Dulwich, Camberwell, London:
James Locke Head 43 Married Naval Pensioner Hants Alverstoke
Annie Locke Wife 44 Married (22 years) London Brixton
Frances Knibbs Cousin 63 Single Oxfordshire Charlbury
Annie Locke Daughter 17 Single Receiving Office Dyer & Cleaner Hants Alverstoke
James Locle Son 15 Office Clerk London Peckham
William Locke Son 10 School Hants Alverstoke
Dorothy Locke Daughter 7 Hants Alverstoke
Violet Locke Daughter 5 Hants Gosport

We don't know when, but it appears that Frances emigrated to South Africa, but never married.

Frances' Death Notice is on file at MOOC 193000006/9/3739 ref: 27065 at the Cape Archives.

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