Charles Thomas MANSFIELD was born bet. January and March, 1849 in Old Windsor, Berkshire, England. He married Elizabeth GRIMSDELL bet. April and June, 1870 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. He died bet. January and March, 1893 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. Elizabeth GRIMSDELL was born bet. July and September, 1850 in Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire, England. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Charles Thomas MANSFIELD and Elizabeth GRIMSDELL are:
1. Thomas GRIMSDELL, b. bet. January and March, 1869

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Notes for Charles Thomas MANSFIELD:

In 1851, we see who I believe would be Charles' parents, Elias and Jane, Living at Old Windsor Green, Berkshire:
Elias Mansfield Head Mar 37 Brewers Labourer
Jane Mansfield Wife Mar Surrey Chobham
Catherie Mansfield Daur 9 Scholar Berks Old Windsor
Emma Mansfield Daur 10 Scholar Berks Old Windsor
William Mansfield Son 6 Scholar Berks Old Windsor
Yambelus Mansfield Son 4 Scholar Berks Old Windsor
Charles Thomas Son 2 Berks Old Windsor

We can see Thomas and Elizabeth in 1871 living at Love Lane, New Windsor, Bershire, England. Elizabeth's son Thomas Grimsdell is listed under the name of Mansfield:
Charles Mansfield Head M 20 Berkshire

His mother died during q4/1893 in the Windsor District of Berkshire, aged 84.
Elizabeth Mansfield Wife F 20 Hampshire
Thomas Mansfield Son M 2 Berkshire

We see Charles in 1881 living at Wycombe Cottage, Old Windsor, Berkshire, England with his first wife Elizabeth:
Charles MANSFIELD Head M Male 32 Old Windsor, Berkshire, England Farm Carter
Elizabeth MANSFIELD Wife M Female 31 Stokenchurch, Oxford, England Farm Carters Wife
Thomas GREENSDALE Stepson Male 12 Old Windsor, Berkshire, England Scholar

I note that Elizabeth is listed as born in Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire, whereas in 1871 she was from Hampshire. Stokenchurch is actually in Buckinghamshire.

We see Charles in 1891 living at The Buildings, Union Road, Old Windsor, Berkshire, England, with his mother:
Jane Mansfield Head Widow F 81 Chobham Surrey
Charles Mansfield Son Married M 42 Gardener Domestic Old Windsor Berkshire

I'm not sure what happened to his first wife, Elizabeth, between 1881 and 1891, but I can see no sign of her in 1891. Charles had moved back in with his mother, and is identified as "married" so I presume she was still living in 1891.

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Notes for Elizabeth GRIMSDELL:

We see Elizabeth Grimsdale first of all in 1851 living with her parents at Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire:
William Grimsdell Head Mar 34 Ag Lab Oxon Stokenchurch
Mary Grimsdell Wife Mar 30 Bucks Hambledon
Eliza Grimsdell Daur 8 Bucks
Martha Grimsdell Daur 6 Bucks Bearham(?)
Thomas Grimsdell Son 4 Oxon Stokenchurch
Elizabeth Grimsdell Daur 8 months Oxon Stokenchurch
Jane Lawrence Mother in Law Wid 63 Lace Maker Bucks Hambledon

We next see her in 1861 aged 9, with her parents and siblings, still living at Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire:
William Grimsdale Head Mar 45 Labourer Stokenchurch Oxon
Mary Ann Grimsdale Wife Mar 40 Lacemaker Stokenchurch Oxon
Martha Grimsdale Daur 16 Lacemaker Stokenchurch Oxon
Elizabeth Grimsdale Daur 9 Scholar Stokenchurch Oxon

Elizabeth married Charles Mansfield in 1870

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Notes for Thomas GRIMSDELL:

Also known as: Thomas Mansfield

I suspect it's this Thomas who died in the Windsor District in q1/1885 recorded as Thomas Mansfield. Other than this, I can cerrtainly see no sign of him after 1881.

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