Walter SLADE was born 03 May 1891 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. He married Louisa KNIBBS bet. July and September, 1911 in Windsor District, Berkshire, England. He died bet. January and March, 1976 in Surrey North West District, Surrey, England. Louisa KNIBBS, daughter of Ann Maria WILLIAMS , was born 27 August 1894 in Egham, Berkshire, England. She died bet. July and September, 1978 in Surrey North West District, Surrey, England.

Children of Walter SLADE and Louisa KNIBBS are:
1. George Frederick SLADE, b. 02 October 1911
2. Annie E SLADE, b. Private
3. Charles W SLADE, b. Private
4. Kathleen V SLADE, b. Private
5. Doris E SLADE, b. Private
6. Kenneth L SLADE, b. Private
7. Jean R SLADE, b. Private
8. Mavis D SLADE, b. Private

Notes for Walter SLADE:

Quite probably Walter David Slade, born during q2/1891 in the Windsor District or Berkshire and died q1/1976 in Surrey.

I suspect it was this Louisa Knibbs who married Walter Slade at Windsor District, Berkshire during q3/1911, and then went on to have 8 children:
George F Slade q4/1911 Windsor District Berkshire
Annie E Slade q4/1913 Windsor District Berkshire
Charles W Slade q2/1920 Windsor District Berkshire
Kathleen V Slade q4/1922 Windsor District Berkshire
Doris E Slade q2/1925 Windsor District Berkshire
Kenneth L Slade q2/1927 Windsor District Berkshire
Jean R Slade q1/1930 Chertsey District Surrey
Mavis D Slade q3/1931 Chertsey District Surrey

Sources for Walter SLADE:

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Notes for Louisa KNIBBS:

See Louisa's Birth Certificate

I'm not really sure about the parentage of Louisa. Her birth certificate clearly gives her mother as "Ann Knibbs formerly Williams" but there is no name given for Louisa's father.

We know that Ann Knibbs was widowed by George Knibbs 6 years before Louisa was born, and that Ann then married a man named Charles Mansfield in q3/1892. She was widowed again in q1/1893 some 15-18 months before Louisa was born, and then reverted to using the Knibbs surname.

Her death in q3/1978 is my own conjecture. The death register gave her DOB as 28 August, 1891 and I suspect it may have been submitted incorrectly.

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Notes for George Frederick SLADE:

Sources for George Frederick SLADE:

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Notes for Annie E SLADE:

Notes for Charles W SLADE:

Notes for Kathleen V SLADE:

Notes for Doris E SLADE:

Notes for Kenneth L SLADE:

Notes for Jean R SLADE:

Notes for Mavis D SLADE: