Hüseyin Mehmet KAVAS was born abt. 1912 in Cyprus. He died December 2004 in Lefkosa, Cyprus. Olive Kathleen KNIBBS, daughter of Arthur William KNIBBS and Kathleen Mary COLEMAN , was born 14 November 1924 in Foleshill District, Coventry, Warwickshire, England. She died June 1974 in Coventry District, Warwickshire, England.

Children of Hüseyin Mehmet KAVAS and Olive Kathleen KNIBBS are:
1. Nicholas Michael KAVAZ, b. Private See Nicholas Michael KAVAZ & Tracey C SLEVIN OR Nicholas Michael KAVAZ & Şükran ÇEÇEN

Marriage Notes for Hüseyin Mehmet KAVAS\Olive Kathleen KNIBBS:

Kathleen and Hüseyin didn't marry.

Notes for Hüseyin Mehmet KAVAS:

Hüseyin at the centre, with Lord Field Marshal Harding on his left. (click to enlarge)

Hüseyin was a member of the British army, serving in the Cyprus Regiment. He was a front-line soldier for 2 years before being captured in the then Czecholslavakia, and was held as a prisoner of war by the Germans for 4 years. Hüseyin spoke five languages and became a translator during his time in the POW camp.

He came to England in 1956-57 on Government training at Ryton Police College, Coventry, for the Auxiliary Police Force in the run-up to the independence of Cyprus from Britain on 16 August, 1960. It was whilst at Ryton that he met Kathleen. He returned to Cyprus in March 1958, leaving Kathleen in England. He had a very successful career in the Police Force, rising to Chief of Police of the Island by 1966.

From the Palm Beach Daily News, March 21, 1964:
Turks Seek United Nations Forces' Help
Ghaziveran, Cyprus (UPI) - Desperate Turkish Cypriots, refusing to surrender their arms to Greek Cypriots in this northern Cyprus village, Friday called for help from the vanguard of the United Nations peace-keeping force.
At least eight persons were killed and seven others wounded in heavy fighting Thursday and there were fears that a shaky cease-fire negotiated by U.N. and British officials would fall apart. Five hundred Greek Cypriots ringed this village Friday raising fears of new fighting.
"How can we surrender our arms?" asked Turkish Cypriot leader Salih Dayioglou in the Turkish Cypriot stronghold of Lefka. When we do, our young men disappear and our women are raped. Oh God, I don't know what can happen next." He is a former judge of the Cyprus Supreme Court and the spokesman for Lefka's self-defense committee.
"Why don't the British and Americans help us?" asked Hüseyin Mehmet Kavas, the Turkish Cypriot police chief in Lefka. He has lost several members of his family since the first inter-communal battles in December. "What is Turkish Cypriot Vice President Dr. Frazil Kichuk doing for us? Fo away. Please go away."
Thursday's fighting - involving machine guns, bazookas and mortars - was the first since the U.N. peace force began arriving a week ago. It brought a new warning from Turkey that it will intervene on Cyprus if violence against Turkish Cypriots continues.


I have conjectured that he died in about December, 2004 in Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus.

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Notes for Olive Kathleen KNIBBS:

Also known as: Kathlleen Olive Kavaz

Olive was better known by her second Christian name, Kathleen, so that's the name I'll use here..

Kethleen, taken I would guess, somewhen in the 1950's. (Click to enlarge).

Kathleen and Hüseyin met when he was located in England for training at Ryton Police College in Coventry. Hüseyin returned to Cyprus on completion of his course and Kathleen found that she was pregnant. Due to the stigma attached to the mothers of children born outside of marriage in those days, she decided to change her surname by deep poll, to Kavaz.

Kathleen was a private secretary for an Earlsdon firm, called Butler & Son. She was exceptional at her job, speaking three languages as well as being a master of the English Language.

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