Thomas GOLDSMITH. He died UNKNOWN. Charlotte UNKNOWN. She died UNKNOWN.

Children of Thomas GOLDSMITH and Charlotte UNKNOWN are:
1. Catherine GOLDSMITH, b. abt. 1810 See Richard KNIBBS & Catherine GOLDSMITH
2. Hannah Maria GOLDSMITH, b. abt. 1817
3. Charlotte GOLDSMITH, b. abt. 1820
4. Edmund GOLDSMITH, b. abt. 1826
5. Frederick GOLDSMITH, b. abt. 1827

Notes for Thomas GOLDSMITH:

I suspect that this Thomas Goldsmith who appears living at Villa Street, Lambeth, in the parish of St Giles, Camberwell, London, Middlesex in 1841 is Catherine's father.
My reason for guessing it's him is that the daughter, Hannah Maria Goldsmith, was married in Camberwell District and born in Canterbury, Kent. So we see in 1841 that Thomas was living in Lambeth, but his children were all born in Kent:
Thomas Goldsmith 50 Wood Dealer (born out of county)
Charlotte Goldsmith 50 (born out of county)
Charlotte Goldsmith 20 Dressmaker
Thomas Goldsmith 15 Cooper
Edmund Goldsmith 15 Saddle Tree Maker
Frederick Goldsmith 14

In 1851, Thomas was widowed and living with his son Edmund at 1 Villa Street, Camberwell, Surrey:
Edmund Goldsmith Head Mar 27 Saddle Tee Maker Surrey Walworth
Catharine Goldsmith Wife Mar 37 Laundress Kent Chatham
James Jordon Step Son 17 Apprentice Carpenter Kent Buckenham
Caroline Jordon Step Daur 14 Middlesex Spitalfields
George Jordon Step Son 9 Middlesex St Lukes
Catherine Goldsmith Daur 2 Surrey Camberwell
Thomas Goldsmith Father Widower 65 Proprietor of Houses Middlesex Box
Charlotte Goldsmith Sister UnM 31 Dressmaker Surrey Walworth

Notes for Charlotte UNKNOWN:

Notes for Hannah Maria GOLDSMITH:

Quite possibly Hannah living at Kingsbridge, Canterbury, Kent in 1841 in the household of a man named Richard Hunt:
Richard Hunt 30 Surgeon Yes
Hannah Goldsmith 25 FS Yes

Hannah Maria Goldsmith married Joseph Oakenfull during q4/1850 at Newington District, Lambeth, London, England. The Dover Telegraph gives the date of the marriage as 16 Nov 1850.
OAKENFULL Mr Joseph Groom Camberwell of Canterbury Marriage 1850 16-Nov
GOLDSMITH Hannah Maria Bride Camberwell of Canterbury Marriage 1850 16-Nov

In 1851, we see her still living at the household of Richard Hunt, at Bolingbroke Row, Newington, Surrey, but this time, married to Joseph Oakenfull:
Richard Hunt Head UnM 39 Surgeon Kent Whitstable
George Haslett Nephew UnM 14 Linen Draper Kent Ash
Thomas Gutsole Servant UnM 20 Assiatant Kent St Mildreds Canterbury
Hannah Oakenfull Servant Mar 34 General Servant Kent Canterbury
Joseph Oakenfull Friend Mar 32 Printer Compositor Kent Canterbury

Notes for Charlotte GOLDSMITH:

Charlotte Goldsmith married a man named William Howard during q4/1844 at Bridge in Kent. Charlotte appears in 1851, living with her sister Catherine. She next appears in 1861, living with another of her sisters, Hannah Maria Oakenfull.

It's these appearances of Charlotte in 1851 and 1861 that provides the link between the three sisters.

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Notes for Edmund GOLDSMITH:

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Notes for Frederick GOLDSMITH:

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